HC Deb 29 April 1964 vol 694 cc76-7W
Mr. Hayman

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government and Minister for Welsh Affairs if he will state the average loan charge, the average interest rate and the average rent, all stated in weekly terms, for a council house in 1951 and 1963, respectively, in the boroughs of Falmouth and Penryn, the urban district of Camborne-Redruth, and the rural districts of Kerrier, Truro and West Penwith within the constituency of Falmouth and Camborne, Cornwall.

Mr. Corfield

My right hon. Friend has no information about the actual rates of interest paid by local authorities. He has details of total loan charges included in housing revenue accounts but not of rents or numbers of houses. The fullest statistical information available on housing revenue accounts is that contained in the Housing Statistics (England and Wales) published for each financial year by the Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants. Of the authorities named in the Question, Camborne-Redruth Urban District Council was not included in the statistics for either 1962–63 or 1950–51 and only Falmouth Borough appeared in 1950–51. In the following table the figures of average loan charges and average rents have been calculated by dividing the total loan charges—which include charges for shops and garages as well as houses—and total rent income in each year by the stock of houses at the end of the year.

Average Loan Charges per house per week Average Rents
s. d. s. d.
Falmouth B.C. 10 4 10 8
Falmouth B.C. 19 10 25 7
Penryn B.C. 23 8 22 11
Kerrier R.D.C. 23 7 26 5
Truro R.D.C. 26 4 26 10
West Penwith R.D.C. 25 10 24 7

Region April, 1951 April, 1964 Percentage increase (+) or decrease (-)
London and South Eastern 44,649 63,224 +41.6
Eastern and Southern 23,064 31,786 +37.8
South Western 13,454 21,745 +61.6
Midlands 11,447 35,999 +214.5
Yorkshire and Lincolnshire 16,680 31,212 +87.1
North Western 35,888 68,953 +92.1
Northern 27,413 47,035 +71.6
Scotland 54,667 86,297 +57.9
Wales 25,690 25,297 -1.5

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