HC Deb 24 June 1963 vol 679 cc115-6W
50. Mr. T. Brown

asked the Minister of Pensions and National Insurance how

1. Claimants in whom pnenmoconiosis was diagnosed for the first time.
Relevant Acts 1959 1960 1961
Under the Industrial Injuries Acts 4,041 3,654 3,223
Under the Industrial Diseases (Benefit) Acts 630* 480* 460*
Totals 4,671 4,134 3,683
* Estimated

2. Beneficiaries in receipt of payments for pneumoconiosis out of the Industrial Injuries Fund.
Benefit or allowance in payment Number at 31st October
1959 1960 1961
Disablement benefit under the Industrial Injuries Acts (a) 45,535 47,535 48,750
Allowances under the Industrial Diseases (Benefit) Acts (b)
Persons totally disabled 2,210 2,067 1,887
Persons partially disabled 6,180 6,082 5,921
Allowances under the Workmen's Compensation and Benefit (Supplementation) Act 1956, as a supplement to Work men's Compensation (a) 1,265 1,205 1,125
Totals 55,190 56,889 57,683
Note: There are a few men under the Workmen's Compensation Acts—less than 100—who are in receipt of supplements under Section 82 of the Industrial Injuries Act 1946, but no other allowance and who are not included in the above figures.
(a) Estimated from a sample of beneficiaries.
(b) These allowances are payable to persons suffering from the disease where there is no title to benefit under the Workmen's Compensation or Industrial Injuries Acts.

51. Mr. T. Brown

asked the Minister of Pensions and National Insurance what is the average amount of benefits from the Industrial Diseases Benefit Fund now being paid to mineworkers suffering from pneumoconiosis.

Mr. N. Macpherson

I presume that the hon. Member is referring to the allowances provided under the Industrial Diseases (Benefit) Acts to persons suffering from pneumoconiosis. These allowances are payable at the flat rate of 42s. 6d. a week for the partially disabled man and 40s. a week for the totally disabled man, who also receives a further 65s. a week under the Workmen's Compensation and Benefit (Supplementation) Act 1956.

Subject to the conditions of the Industrial Injuries Acts, additional pay-

many persons were found to be suffering from pneumoconiosis, and in receipt of benefits from his Department, in 1959, 1960 and 1961, respectively.

Mr. N. Macpherson

The following is the Answer:

ments are made in the form of constant attendance allowance, unemployability supplement and dependency increases. Separate figures are not available for mineworkers, but the weekly average of such additions to totally disabled men entitled to them is estimated at approximately £4.