HC Deb 17 June 1963 vol 679 cc9-10W
Sir H. Oakshott

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies if he will publish a table showing separately the details of all grants and loans to Kenya, together with the purposes, including the Land Settlement Scheme, to which each is to be devoted, for the current year and for the future.

Mr. Sandys

The following tables show the amount of financial assistance which the British Government have given, or have undertaken to give, to Kenya for the Kenya financial years 1962–63 and 1963–64.

1962–63 (Revised Estimate) 1963–64 (Estimate)
£ million £ million
A. Recurrent Aid
1. Famine and Flood Relief:
(a) Grant 1.0
(b) Loan 0.3
2. Military Forces: Grant 2.3 2.7
3. Overseas Aid Scheme: Grant 2.3 4.6
Total 5.9 7.3
B. Development Aid
1. General Development:
(a) C.D.W. Grant 2.2 2.0
(b) Exchequer Loan 3.8 2.1
2. Land Bank:
Exchequer Loan 0.2 1.0
3. Land Settlement Schemes:
(a) C.D.W. Grant 1.6 2.6
(b) Exchequer Loans 1.6 2.0
4. Farm Purchase ("Special risk" cases)
(a) C.D.W. Grant 0.4
(b) Exchequer Loans 0.3
Total* 9.4 10.4
Total A and B 15.3 17.7
* C.D.C. investment not included.

C. Special Assistance

A sum of up to £26,000 will be made available when it is required, towards the passage costs and other incidental expenditure involved in the repatriation to the United Kingdom of persons without means.


  1. (i) The amount shown in table B for land settlement schemes forms part of the total of £l9½ m., which the British Government have undertaken to give for this purpose, for the five year period 1st July, 1962, to 30th June 1967.
  2. (ii) The payments which will be due to Kenya under the Overseas Service Aid Scheme after 1963–64 cannot yet be quantified.
  3. (iii) The 1963–64 figures under items B.2 and B.4 are maxima; actual issues will depend on the need shown.

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