HC Deb 17 June 1963 vol 679 cc6-8W
Mr. Cronin

asked the Minister of Aviation if he will publish in the Official Report a list of major aircraft and missile projects which have been

project Cancellation Date Estimated Expenditure
Transport Aircraft
Brabazon transport aircraft February, 1952 6.45
Princess flying boat May, 1954 9.1
Vickers military transport aircraft December, 1955 4.0
Orion turbo-prop, aero engine January, 1958 4.75
Rotodyne helicopter February, 1962 11.0
Operational Aircraft
Developed Sturgeon anti-submarine aircraft March, 1951 0.5
D.H. fighter aircraft May, 1952 2.5
Developed Hawker Hunter July, 1953 0.14
Swift fighter aircraft February, 1955 22.0
Swift photo-reconnaissance and fighter aircraft June, 1955 0.3
Swift crescent-wing research fighter December, 1955 1.6
Avro rocket interceptor aircraft September, 1955 1.0
Thin wing Javelin all-weather fighter aircraft June, 1956 2.3
Fairey supersonic fighter aircraft March, 1957 0.15
Supersonic bomber (including engine) March, 1957 2.05
Naval interceptor December, 1957 3.2
Scorpion rocket engine February, 1959 1.25
Spectre rocket engine October, 1960 5.75
Guided bomb with television eye June, 1954 3.1
Vickers flying bomb September, 1954 0.7
Air-to-ship guided bomb March, 1956 0.9
Air-to-air missile with radar guidance June, 1956 7.5
Long-range surface-to-air guided weapon May, 1957 1.5
Heavy anti-tank missile September, 1959 2.4
Blue Steel Mark II December, 1959 0.825
Bloodhound Mark III March, 1960 0.6
Blue Streak ballistic missile April, 1960 84.0
Low-level surface-to-air guided weapon December, 1961 0.8
Medium range surface-to-surface missile August, 1962 32.1
Skybolt air-to-surface ballistic missile December, 1962 27.0

The expenditure figures are given with some reservation; they have been extracted from records extending over a number of years and may not all be on an identical basis. They should be regarded as approximate. It would be erroneous to conclude that the total of the amounts quoted represents a loss to public funds. Some later projects have been based directly on projects cancelled earlier; and even when this is not so, much of the expenditure represents valuable knowledge and experience gained for later application. In the case of Blue Streak, development continues for a different rô1e as part of the European satellite launcher programme.

cancelled before going into service by him or his predecessors since 1951, with the dates of cancellation and the total amount of public money spent on each project.

Mr. Amery

The projects and dates of cancellation are as follows: