HC Deb 01 July 1963 vol 680 c13W
Mr. Lubbock

asked the Minister of Power if he will list in the Official Report the nuclear power stations which are planned, giving the type of

Nuclear Power Station Type of Reactor Estimated date of commissioning of first set Capacity Megawatts sent out Estimated Capital cost per kilowatt sent out
Hinkley Point"A" (Somerset). Gas-cooled graphite moderated with magnox fuel elements and steel pressure vessels. 1963 500 143
Trawsfynydd (Merioneth). Do. 1964 500 136
Dungeness (Kent) Do. 1964 550 111
Sizewell (Suffolk) Do. 1965 580 106
Oldbury Gloucestershire) As above, but with concrete pressure vessels. 1966 560 112
Wylfa (Anglesey) Do. Consent has been given for a station with a total output of about 1,000 MW. The placing of contracts is still under consideration and until decisions are reached no details of the station can be given.
* Berkeley (276 MW) and Bradwell (300 MW) were completed last year.
Consent has also been given for a second station at Hinkley Point but details of the station are not yet planned.

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