HC Deb 05 April 1963 vol 675 cc85-7W
Mr. Milne

asked the Minister of Education if he will give a list of schools in the Blyth constituency, the year in which they were erected and the programme of

United Kingdom at constant 1945–46 prices, and at current prices, respectively, for the years 1959–60 to 1962–63 inclusive.

Mr. Scott-Hopkins

The latest estimates, made at this year's Annual Review, are as follows:

new schools to be built in the Blyth constituency in the next two years.

Sir E. Boyle

The local education authority has supplied the following list:

School Year Built
Backworth County Primary 1875
Backworth, St. Edmund's R.C. Primary 1903
Barrington County Primary 1909
Bedlington County Junior 1908
Bedlington County Infants 1913
Bedlington R.C. Senior Mixed 1870
Bedlington R.C. Junior and Infants 1931
Bedlington Station County Primary 1912
Bedlington, Stead Lane County Infants 1956
Bedlington Village Infants 1874
Bedlington, Whitley Memorial C. of E. 1858
Blyth, Bebside County Junior 1953
Blyth, Bedside County Infants 1953
Blyth, Cowpen Quay County Infants 1862
Blyth, Cowpen B.C. Aided 1898
Blyth, Croften County Junior 1904
Blyth, Croften County Infants 1904
Blyth, Morpeth Road County Junior 1910
Blyth, Morpeth Road County Infants 1910
Blyth, New Delaval County Infants 1874
Blyth Newsham County Junior 1876
Blyth, Newsham County Infants 1896
Blyth, Plessey Road County Junior 1892
Blyth, Plessey Road County Infants 1892
Blyth, Princess Louise County Infants 1934
Blyth, St. Wilfrid's R.C. Junior 1894
Blyth, St. Wilfrid's R.C. Infants 1874
Cambois County Junior 1869
Cambois County Infants 1869

School Year Built
Choppington County Junior 1912
Choppington County Infants 1912
Cramlington County Primary 1908
Cramlington Colliery County Primary 1849
East Hartford County Primary 1908
Guide Post County Junior 1906
Guide Post County Infants 1934
Holywell County Primary 1938
Nedderton County Primary 1909
New Hartley County Primary 1873
Seaton Delaval County Primary 1873
Seaton Terrace County Primary 1909
Seghill County Mixed 1932
Seghill County Infants 1876
Shankhouse County Primary 1873
Shiremoor County Primary 1936
South Wellfield County Junior 1954
South Wellfield County Infants 1954
Stakeford County Primary 1913
Astley County Secondary 1923
Bedlington Station County Secondary 1941
Bedlington, Westridge County Secondary 1957
Blyth, Bebside County Secondary 1938
Blyth, New Delaval County Secondary 1873
Blyth, Newlands County Secondary 1952
Blyth, Princess Louise County Secondary 1914
Blyth, St. Wilfrid's R.C. Secondary 1939/41
Cramlington County Secondary 1909
Guide Post County Secondary 1963
Shiremoor County Boys' Secondary 1929
Shiremoor County Girls' Secondary 1913
West Sleekburn County Secondary 1940
Bedlington County Grammar 1925
Blyth County Grammar 1912
Cleaswell Hill School (E.S.N.) 1959

The following major projects have been included in building programmes. Those in programmes up to 1962–63 are in various stages of building or planning.

Programme School Number of Places
1959–60 Blyth County Grammar 720
1960–61 Bedlington R.C. Secondary 300
1961–62 Shiremoor County Primary 320
1962–63 Astley County Secondary 750
1964–65 Blyth Newsham County Primary 280
Cramlington County Primary No. 1 320

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