HC Deb 01 April 1963 vol 675 cc17-8W
Sir T. Moore

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what reply he has given to the letter of 19th March from the Ayrshire County Council requesting that the proposed power station for Scotland

Type of Property Proportion of total rateable value inclusive of rateable value equivalent of Exchequer equalisation grant or rate-deficiency grant as the case may be
1955–56 1956–57 1958–59 1959–60 1960–61 1961–62
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
Per cent. Per cent. Per cent. Per cent. Per cent. Per cent.
Domestic 51.05 42.14 44.85 41.61 41.58 41.40
Shops 9.17 12.19 10.19 (b) 9.47 9.43 9.38
Other commercial 18.12 13.64 11.24(b) 10.59 11.00 11.18
Miscellaneous 9.84 9.29 (b) 12.01 (c) 11.91 11.94
Industry 3.58 5.35 5.61 9.82 (d) 9.71 9.75
Crown 3.42 2.13 (a) 4.11 (b) 3.88 3.84 3.76
Col. (2) Rateable values as at 1st December, 1955.
Col. (3) Rateable values in new lists as forwarded to rating authorities in December, 1955.
Cols. (4)-(7) Rateable values on 1st April.
(a) Although the new values for Crown properties took effect for rating purposes as from 1st April, 1956, the revaluation of these properties took place during the year 1956–57 and is not reflected in this figure.
(b) Section 1 of the Rating and Valuation Act, 1957, derated from 1st April, 1957 to 31st March 1963 shops, offices and other non-domestic property assessed to gross value.
(c) Direct rating of electricity hereditaments and the rerating of freight-transport hereditaments from 25 per cent, to 50 per cent, of their net annual value were introduced as from 1st April, 1959, by by Local Government Act, 1958.
(d) Under the Local Government Act, 1958, industrial hereditaments were rerated from 25 per cent to 50 per cent. of their net annual value with effect from 1st April, 1959.

should coal fired; and whether, in view of the necessity for using more coal in Scotland and thereby keeping more miners at work, he will look favourably on this suggestion in his discussions with the South of Scotland Electricity Board.

Mr. Noble

I have replied that I will bear in mind the representations which the County Development Committee has made. I am, of course, fully aware of the importance of this station to the coal industry; but this would have to be weighed against the disservice to Scottish electricity consumers, and especially to Scottish industry, if a coal-fired station were to result in the cost of electricity being higher than necessary.