HC Deb 11 May 1962 vol 659 cc86-7W
Mr. Doughty

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what was the annual amount of superannuation benefits paid to retired civil servants under the Super annuation Acts, excluding those under the 1949 Acts, in respect of each of the financial years 1945 to 1961 and in respect of he financial year 1938–39; and what was the total amount of salaries and wages of those raking for title to those benefits in respect of each of the above financial years.

Sir E. Boyle

The amounts of superannuation benefits paid to or in respect of persons retiring from, dying in or otherwise leaving the Civil Service were:

Financial Year Superannuation Benefits
1938–39 10,266,000
1945–46 17,723,000
1946–47 20,779,000
1947–48 21,488,000
1948–49 22,196,000
1949–50 22,905,000
1950–51 25,442,000
1951–52 27,601,000
1952–53 29,765,000
1953–54 31,895,000
1954–55 34,090,000
1955–56 37,802,000
1956–57 41,840,000
1957–58 48,872,000
1958–59 54,725,000
1959–60 63,531,000
1960–61 67,327,000


1. These figures:

  1. (a) exclude pensions paid to widows and dependants under the Superannuation Act, 1949;
  2. (b) include all other superannuation benefits attributable to the Superannuation Act, 1949;
  3. (c) include all payments under the Superannuation Acts generally to and in respect of unestablished as well as established officers.

2. No details are given of the salaries and wages paid during the years in question because the amounts paid to industrial employees are not available and because by themselves, the amounts paid to non-industrial officers bear no direct relationship to the total of superannuation benefits: the superannuation benefits paid to or in respect of non-industrial and industrial employees respectively cannot be separately distinguished.