HC Deb 30 March 1962 vol 656 c145W
Sir W. Bromley-Davenport

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to what extent the main purpose of the £130 million which has been granted to the Forestry Commission is to reduce the excessive dependence of this country on imports of timber and timber products which now total approximately £200 million worth a year; and What estimate he has made of the proportion of our timber and board requirements likely to be provided from home sources over the next decade.

Mr. Soames

The Forestry Commission has several important purposes to fulfil, one of which is to reduce our reliance on imported wood and wood products, which are at present worth about £450 million. The Forestry Commission estimates that by 1972 home sources should be able to meet about 12 per cent. of the volume of this country's total requirements of wood and wood products, assuming present levels of consumption.

£ million
United Kingdom Financial Year 1958–59 1958–60 1960–61 1961–62 Estimated
Grant = G G L G L G L G L
Loan = L
Kenya 2.088 1.225 1.654 2.455 1.183 8.434 10.762 6.070
Uganda 0.069 0.300 0.612 3.000 1.135 3.000 3.550 2.900
Zanzibar 0.093 0.035 0.062 0.229


(1) The above table includes grants and loans made through the Colonial Services and Colonial Development and Welfare Votes; investments by the Colonial Development Corporation from funds provided by Her Majesty's Government with effect from the year 1959–60, Exchequer Loans made under Section 2 of the Colonial Development and Welfare Act, 1959; and with effect from the year 1961–62, grants made under the Overseas Service Aid Scheme through the vote of the Department of Technical Co-operation.