HC Deb 07 February 1962 vol 653 cc70-80W
Mr. Dempsey

asked the Prime Minister if he will publish details of each Commission or Committee appointed by the Government which has not yet reported, showing its name, terms of reference, date of inaugural meeting, and estimated date of report.

The Prime Minister

The particulars asked for are as follows:

Commissions and Committees Terms of Reference Date of Inaugural Meeting Estimated Date of Report
Scottish Peat To advise the Secretary of State on (i) a survey of Scottish peat deposits, the collection of meteorological and other data about them and the investigation of methods of winning and handling peat; (ii) a programme of research into the burning of peat in gas turbines for the production of electric power with special reference to the exploitation of this form of power by the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board; and (iii) the commercial exploitation of Scottish peat deposits. 13.10.49 March, 1962
Radiological Hazards to Patients To review the present practice in diagnostic radiology and the use of radio therapy in non-malignant conditions, having regard to the report of the Committee on the Hazards to Man of Nuclear and Allied Radiations and to make recommendations. 10. 1.57 Not yet known
Design To consider and report whether any, and if so what, changes are desirable in the law relating to the protection of industrial designs. In framing their recommendations the Committee should include consideration of the desirability of enabling United Kingdom designs to receive cheap and effective protection in other countries on the basis of reciprocity. 9. 7.59 Not yet known
Consumer Protection To review the working of the existing legislation relating to merchandise marks and certification trade marks, and to consider and report what changes if any in the law and what other measures, if any, are desirable for the further protection of the consuming public. 31. 7.59 Mid-1962
Registration of Title to Land in Scotland To consider the case for introducing registration of title to land in Scotland and, if necessary, the method by which such registration might to effected. 2.10.59 Later this year
Scottish Licensing Law To review the law of Scotland relating to (a) the sale and supply of excisable liquor on Sundays, (b) the hours on weekdays during which the sale and supply of excisable liquor are permitted, (c) the constitution of licensing courts and courts of appeal, and (d) the arrangements for granting certificates authorising the sale of excisable liquor in areas of housing development and redevelopment. 26.10.59 End of 1962 (Interim report already submitted)
Company Law To review and report upon the provisions and workings of the Companies Act, 1948, the Prevention of Fraud (Investments) Act, 1958, except in so far as it relates to industrial and provident societies and building societies and the Registration of Business Names Act, 1916, as amended; to consider in the light of modern conditions and practices, including the practice of take-over bids, what should be the duties of directors and the rights of shareholders; and generally to recommend what changes in the law are desirable. 8. 1.60 Not yet known

Commissions and Committees Terms of Reference Date of Inaugural Meeting Estimated Date of Report
Police To review the constitutional position of the police throughout Great Britain, the arrangements for their control and administration and, in particular to consider (i) the constitution and functions of local police authorities; (ii) the status and accountability of members of police forces including chief officers of police; (iii) the relationship of the police with the public and the means of ensuring that complaints by the public against the police are effectively dealt with; and (iv) the broad principles which should govern the remuneration of the constable, having regard to the nature and extent of police duties and responsibilities and the need to attract and retain an adequate number of recruits with the proper qualifications. 26. 1.60 Not yet known (Interim report already submitted)
Private International Law (i) To reconsider the recommendations for the reform of the law of domicile contained in the Committee's first Report in the light of the objections taken to the two Domicile Bills recently before Parliament, and (ii) to recommend what provisions are required to avoid any legal difficulties which may be expected from an alteration of the law placing a married woman in the same position as any other person of full age and capacity for the purposes of the law of domicile. 28. 3.60 July, 1962
Problem of Noise To examine the nature, sources and effects of the problem of noise, and to advise what further measures can be taken to mitigate it. 21. 4.60 Late 1962
Broadcasting To consider the future of the broadcasting services in the United Kingdom, the dissemination by wire of broadcasting and other programmes, and the possibility of television for public showing, to advise on the services which should in future be provided in the United Kingdom by the B.B.C. and the I.T.A.: to recommend whether additional services should be provided by any other organisation, and to propose what financial and other conditions should apply to the conduct of all these services. 20. 9.60 Spring 1962
Fowl Pest To review the policy and arrangements for dealing with fowl pest in Great Britain, and to advise whether any changes should be made in the light of the growth of the poultry industry, present scientific knowledge and technical and administrative experience gained in recent years in this and other countries. 20.10.60 Imminent
Teaching of Russian To investigate the possibility of improving and extending the teaching of Russian in schools and establishments of further education of the United Kingdom and to make recommendations. 7.11.60 March, 1962
Limitation of Actions in cases of Personal Injury. To consider and report whether any alteration is desirable in the law relating to the limitation of actions in cases of personal injury where the injury or disease giving rise to the claim has not become apparent in sufficient time to enable proceedings to be begun within three years from the inception of such injury or disease. 13. 2.61 July, 1962

Commissions and Committees Terms of Reference Date of Inaugural Meeting Estimated Date of Report
Gradings, Training and Qualifications of Hospital Engineers. To consider the nature of the work at present done by hospital engineers, their gradings, training and qualifications and to make recommendations on (a) what changes, if any, are needed in the interests of the efficiency of the hospital engineering services; and (b) whether facilities should be provided for the training of hospital engineers, and if so, what form such facilities should take. 14. 3.61 February, 1962
Higher Education To review the pattern of full-time higher education in Great Britain and in the light of national needs and resources to advise Her Majesty's Government on what principles its long-term development should be based. In particular, to advise, in the light of these principles, whether there should be any changes in that pattern, whether any new types of institution are desirable and whether any modification should be made in the present arrangements for planning and co-ordinating the development of the various types of institution. 16. 3.61 1963
Electricity in Scotland. To review the arrangements for generating and distributing electricity in Scotland having regard to (i) the availability and cost of hydroelectric power and of other sources of electricity; (ii) the rate of increase in the demand for electricity; and (iii) the needs of the remoter areas: and to make recommendations. 6. 4.61 Mid-1962
Press To examine the economic and financial factors affecting the production and sale of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals in the United Kingdom, including (a) manufacturing, printing, distribution, and other costs; (b) efficiency of production; and (c) advertising and other revenue, including any revenue derived from interests in television; to consider whether these factors tend to diminish diversity of ownership and control or the number or variety of such publications having regard to the importance, in the public interest, of the accurate presentation of news and the free expression of opinion; and to report. 6. 4.61 Mid-1962
Selection and Training of Supervisors To review the progress made since the publication in 1954 of the Report of the Committee of Inquiry on the Training of Supervisors, and the problems which have been encountered in organising effective training schemes, to consider arrangements for the selection of supervisors and to examine whether there is a need for a central organisation to further the development of supervisory training. 18. 4.61 April, 1962
Major Ports of Great Britain To consider to what extent the major docks and harbours of Great Britain are adequate to meet present and future national needs; whether the methods of working can be improved; and to make recommendations. 19. 4.61 Summer, 1962
Shipping services between Great Britain and Northern Ireland To consider the shipping services for both passengers and freight between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and to report whether they are satisfactory in the following respects: (a) type and frequency of service; (b) standards of service; and (c) reasonableness of charges. 4. 5.61 Summer, 1962

Commissions and Committees Terms of Reference Date of Inaugural Meeting Estimated Date of Report
Sunday Observance To review the law (other than the Licensing Acts) relating to Sunday entertainments, sports, pastimes and trading in England and Wales and to make recommendations. 21. 7.61 Not yet known
Children and Young Persons. To consider the provisions of the law of Scotland relating to the treatment of juvenile delinquents and juveniles in need of care and protection or beyond parental control, and, in particular, the constitution, powers and procedure of the courts dealing with such juveniles and to report. 3. 7.61 Not yet known
Security at the National Gallery. To enquire into the circumstances of the theft of Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery, and the security arrangements at the Gallery both before and after the theft. 4.10.61 Not yet known
Accommodation Needs of the Scottish Record Office, etc. To enquire into the accommodation needs of the Scottish Record Office, the Office of the Registrar General and the Lyon Office; to consider the extent to which these needs require the use of additional buildings in central Edinburgh, having regard to (a) the requirements of those who have occasion to consult the records of those offices, (b) considerations of land use, and (c) considerations of capital and running costs and of staffing. 15.11.61 Later this year
Teaching Profession To review, in the light of the requirements of the education service and the practice in relation to other professions, the present arrangements for the award and withdrawal of certificates of competency to teach, and to make recommendations regarding any changes that are considered desirable in these arrangements and any consequential changes in the functions of teacher training authorities. 27.11.61 Not yet known
Radio-astronomy To consider and advise on the nature and extent of the participation of Her Majesty's Government in research in radio-astronomy; in particular to consider the programme, facilities, funds and organisation required to support the United Kingdom interest in research in radio-astronomy both nationally and internationally. 9. 1.62 Not yet known
Lost Counties problem in Uganda. Having regard to the paramount need for the people of Uganda, including Buganda, to move together into independence in conditions which will ensure them peace and contentment, to investigate allegations of discrimination of the kind contained in the Omukama of Bunyoro's petition and the grievances referred to in the Munster Report concerning the areas in Buganda which are named below, to receive representations from those concerned and to advise whether any, and if so what, measures should be taken to deal with the situation. The areas are the counties of Buyaga, Bugangadzi, Buwekula, Buruli and Bugerere and portions of the counties of Singo and Bulemezi. 10. 1.62 End of February

Commissions and Committees Terms of Reference Date of Inaugural Meeting Estimated Date of Report
Decimal Currency (a) To advise on the most convenient and practical form which a decimal currency might take, including the major and minor units to be adopted; (b) to advise on the timing and phasing of the changeover best calculated to minimise the cost; (c) to estimate the probable amount and incidence of the cost to the economy of proposals based on (a) and (b). 19. 1.62 Early 1963
Traffic Signs To review the traffic signs on all purpose roads (as distinct from motorways) including roads in urban areas and to recommend what changes should be made. 25. 1.62 Early 1963
Baking Wages Council (Scotland) The question whether the Wages Council should be abolished. 26. 1.62 October, 1962
The Federation of Malaysia, North Borneo and Sarawak Having regard to the expressed agreement of the Governments of the United Kingdom and the Federation of Malaya that the inclusion of North Borneo and Sarawak (together with other territories) in the proposed Federation of Malaysia is a desirable aim in the interests of the peoples of the territories concerned (a) to ascertain the views of the peoples of North Borneo and Sarawak on this question; and (b) in the light of their assessment of these views, to make recommendations. Not yet held Mid-1962
Administrative and Clerical Staffing Arrangements in the Hospital Service Having regard to the need for maintaining a high standard of efficiency in the administration of National Health Service hospitals to enquire into the present arrangements for recruitment, training and promotion of administrative and clerical staffs in the hospital service, and to make recommendations. Not yet held Not yet known