HC Deb 02 February 1962 vol 652 cc126-7W
Mr. Longden

asked the Lord Privy Seal what contributions Her Majesty's Government made during 1961 to the United Nations, its subsidiary and voluntary funds and the specialised agencies, respectively; and what proportion these contributions were of the respective total budgets.

Percentage of total contributions
United Nations 1,677,900 7.78
Special Accounts:
Middle East Operation (UNEF)* 519,300 7.78
Congo Operation (ONUC) 3,293,300 7.78
Voluntary Funds:*
U.N. Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance 1,071,000 7
U.N. Special Fund 1,786,000 9
U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees 1,928,600 24
U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF) 335,000 4
U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees* 100,000 10
Specialised Agencies:
Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)* 336,700 10.23
World Health Organisation 481,800 7.13
U.N. Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation 405,300 7.53
International Labour Organisation 349,200 9.97
International Civil Aviation Organisation 137,400 9.72
International Telecommunications Union 57,600 5.5
Universal Postal Union 5,800 2.68
World Meteorological Organisation 12,900 5.95
International Maritime Consultative Organisation* 7,900 10.45
International Atomic Energy Agency* 154,700 7.2
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Her Majesty's Government provide 12.94% of capital
International Development Association Her Majesty's Government provide 14.48%of capital
International Finance Corporation Her Majesty's Government provide 14.91%of capital
International Monetary Fund Her Majesty's Government provide 13.13%of capital
* In 1961, Her Majesty's Government also made the following voluntary contributions:
48,000 Voluntary assistance to UNEF
57,000 Contributions in cash or kind for the relief of famine, etc., in the Congo (this is in addition to a contribution of £1,071,000 to the U.N. Voluntary Fund for the Congo, made in 1960)
30,000 Algerian Refugees
50,000 FAO Freedom from Hunger Campaign
approx. 5,000 Cost of holding course in U.K. as part of FAO World Seed Campaign
2,500 FAO's European Commission for Foot and Mouth Disease
8,400 Contribution towards the London Headquarters of IMCO
50,000 Operational Budget of the IAEA.

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