HC Deb 03 August 1962 vol 664 cc167-9W
Captain W. Elliot

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will state, in respect of persons recommended for deportation under Part II of the Commonwealth Immigrants Act, the offences of which the persons concerned were convicted; and what other penalties were imposed.

Mr. Brooke

The particulars requested are as follows:

(a) Offences against the person (14)
Murder 1
Buggery 1
Indecent assault 1
Wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm 7
Other assaults 3
Throwing corrosive fluid with intent 1
(b) Offences against properly (70)
Robbery with violence or aggravation 3
Larceny 39
Breaking and entering, housebreaking, shopbreaking, or in enclosed premises for unlawful purpose 23
Malicious damage 5
(c) Others (41)
Possessing dangerous drugs 4
Possessing offensive weapon 7
Stowaways 11
Managing a brothel 1
Loitering with intent 7
Loitering for the purpose of prostitution 1
Wilful neglect of child 1
Indecent exposure 1
Common prostitute 1
Miscellaneous 7

In one case the court imposed no penalty in addition to the recommendation for deportation; in another case sentence has been postponed to the next session of the Central Criminal Court. The particulars of the remaining 123 cases are as follows:

Detained under Mental Health Act, 1959 3
Probation 2
Conditional discharge 5
Fined 7
Sentences of imprisonment or detention (106)—
One month and under 32
More than one month and not more than three months 43
More than three months and not more than six months 16
More than six months and not more than three years 11
More than three years 4

Captain W. Elliot

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many recommendations he has received for the deportation of persons under Part II of the Commonwealth Immigrants Act; how many of these were from magistrates' courts; what were the territories of origin of the persons concerned; what action he has taken on the recommendations; and how many persons recommended for deportation are now detained otherwise than in pursuance of a sentence imposed by the court.

Mr. Brooke

The position up to and including 2nd August is as follows. 125 recommendations for deportation have been notified to the Home Office. 109 of these are from magistrates' courts. 64 of those recommended are citizens of the Republic of Ireland. There are 21 from Jamaica, ten from British Guiana, eight from Trinidad and Tobago, eight from the Windward and Leeward Islands, three from Australia, two each from Barbados, Malta and New Zealand, and one each from Canada, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Parkistan and Tanganyika.

Five persons have been deported, and I have signed deportation orders in seven further cases. These twelve comprise eight citizens of the Irish Republic, one Australian, one Barbadian, one Jamaican and one holder of a Hong Kong passport.

Of the remaining 113, 81 are serving sentences of imprisonment or detention imposed by a court and one person is awaiting sentence at the next session of the Central Criminal Court. Three persons are detained in mental hospitals under orders made under section 60 of the Mental Health Act, 1959, by the court which also recommended deportation. In four cases the offender is not detained because the court directed release pending consideration of the recommendation. In one case there was a successful appeal to quarter sessions against the recommendation. In 19 cases I have decided not to act on the courts' recommendation; in two of these cases this has involved withdrawing a deportation order which had been made. In four cases I have authorised release, in one case for further inquiries to be made, and in the other three cases to await the outcome of an appeal to a higher court. There is at this date no case of a person detained in prison solely on account of a recommendation for deportation.