HC Deb 17 April 1962 vol 658 cc60-1W
Mr. J. H. Osborn

asked the Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations if he will give figures showing the level of assistance provided to the less developed countries of the Commonwealth from British sources during the last three years; how much was Government aid; and how much was private investment

Mr. Sandys

Disbursements of British Government aid to the less developed "independent Commonwealth countries (a) in the last three years have been as follows (since figures for 1961–62 are not yet available, figures for the calendar year 1961 have been used):—

Financial Year 1959–60 Financial Year 1960–61 Calendar Year 1961
£ million £ million £ million
Total of bilateral grants, loans and technical assistance (b) (c) 39.7 46.9 49.6

Estimated British private investment in the same countries over this period is as follows:—

Calendar Year 1959 Calendar Year 1960 Calendar Year 1961
£ million £ million £ million
70 68 Not yet possible to give an accurate breakdown (d)


(a) India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Ghana and Malaya; and, after becoming independent, Nigeria, Cyprus, Sierra Leone and Tanganyika.

(b) These figures do not cover all the technical assistance given, some of which cannot be assessed in quantitative terms.

(c) United Kingdom contributions over the period to international aid organisations, from which Commonwealth countries also benefit substantially, are not shown.

(d) Total British investment in all underdeveloped countries in 1961 is provisionally estimated at £150 million.

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