HC Deb 23 March 1961 vol 637 cc73-7W
Sir B. Janner

asked the Prime Minister if he will bring up to date the list of Royal Commissions and Committees of Inquiry published in the OFFICIAL REPORT of 3rd March, 1960.

The Prime Minister

Since my reply of 3rd March, 1960, the Royal Commission on the Police has presented an interim Report. The Royal Commission on the Press has been set up under the chairmanship of Lord Shawcross. It has a total of five members, none of whom are Members of Parliament.

I have again consulted my right hon. Friends about Committees of Inquiry that fall broadly within the terms of the Question of 3rd March, 1960. The following table includes up-to-date particulars of those Committees that had not reported by 3rd March, 1960, and particulars of Committees appointed since that date:

Appointed Subject Chairman Total number of Members Members of Parliament Time to report (in months)
Oct. 1956 Children and Young Persons. The Rt. Hon. Viscount Ingleby. 15 None 48
Jan. 1957 Radiological Hazards to Patients. The Lord Adrian, O.M. 19 None Not yet reported finally.
Oct. 1957 Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries. The Viscount Bledisloe, Q.C. 15 None 41
Nov. 1957 Fishing Industry The Lord Fleck, K.B.E. 8 None 37
Dec. 1957 Legal Aid in Criminal Cases (Scotland). The Hon. Lord Guthrie 12 None 27
May 1958 Composition of Milk Mr. J. W. Cook 15 None 26
May 1958 Examination of steam boilers in industry. Sir George Honeyman, C.B.E., Q.C., J.P. 5 None 24
June 1958 Drug Addiction Sir Russell Brain, Bt. 8 None 30
June 1958 Business of the Criminal Courts. The Hon. Mr. Justice Streatfeild, M.C. 9 None 30
June 1958 Grants to Students Sir Colin Anderson 16 None 24
July 1958 Medical Staffing Structure in the Hospital Service. Professor Sir Robert Platt, Bt. 11 None 30
Sept. 1958 Human Artificial Insemination. The Earl of Feversham, D.S.O. 9 None 22
April 1959 Solid Smokeless Fuels Mr. N. M. Peech 4 None 12
April 1959 Coal Derivatives Mr. A. H. Wilson, F.R.S. 8 None 16
May 1959 Sheep Recording and Progeny Testing. Mr. Ivor R. Morris, J.P. 14 None 21
May 1959 Probation Service Sir Ronald Morison, Q.C. 14 None Not yet reported
June 1959 Experimental Importation of Charollais cattle. The Lord Terrington, K.B.E. 4 None 13
July 1959 Consumer Protection Mr. J. T. Molony, Q.C. 12 None Not yet reported
July 1959 Operation of the Truck Acts, 1831–1940. Mr. David Karmel, Q.C. 9 None Not yet reported
Aug. 1959 Scottish Licensing Law The Rt. Hon. Lord Guest, Q.C. 12 None Not yet reported finally
Sept. 1959 Replacement of the "Queen" liners. The Rt. Hon. Viscount Chandos, D.S.O., M.C. 3 None 8
Sept. 1959 Rural Bus Services Professor D. T. Jack, C.B.E., J.P. 12 None 18
Nov. 1959 Milk Distributors' Margins. Sir Guy Thorold, K.C.M.G. 6 None Not yet reported
Nov. 1959 Levy on Betting on Horse Races. Sir Leslie Peppiatt, M.C. 7 None 5
Jan. 1960 Issue of subpoenas to secure attendance of witnesses and the production of documents before disciplinary tribunals. The Rt. Hon. Viscount Simonds. 3 None 4
Jan. 1960 Oriental, African, Slavonic and East European Studies. Sir William Hayter, K.C.M.G. 5 None Not yet reported
Jan. 1960 Company Law The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Jenkins. 14 None Not yet reported
Feb. 1960 Need for further research into the effects of toxic sprays in agriculture. Professor H. G. Sanders 10 None Not yet reported
July 1960 Magistrates' Courts in London. His Honour Judge Aarvold, O.B.E., T.D. 7 None Not yet reported
July 1960 Future of Sound and Television Broadcasting. Sir Harry Pilkington 11 None Not yet reported
July 1960 Policy and arrangements for dealing with Fowl Pest. Professor Sir Arnold Plant. 7 2 Not yet reported
Oct. 1960 Legal Education for Students from Africa. The Rt. Hon. Lord Denning. 21 None 3
Oct. 1960 Difficulties in the Port of London concerning Ocean Shipowners' Tally Clerks. Mr. H. Lloyd-Williams, C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C. 3 None 1
Oct. 1960 Sugar Confectionery and Food Preserving Wages Council (Great Britain). Sir George Honeyman, C.B.E., Q.C., J.P. 7 None Not yet reported
Jan. 1961 Limitation of Actions in cases of Personal Injury. The Hon. Mr. Justice Davies. 11 None Not yet reported
Feb. 1961 Higher Education The Lord Robbins, C.B. 12 None Not yet reported
Mar. 1961 Scottish Electricity Mr. Colin Mackenzie, C.M.G. 7 None Not yet reported