HC Deb 12 July 1961 vol 644 cc46-9W
Mr. Gresham Cooke

asked the Minister of Transport if he will issue a list of schemes under the road pro

Estimated Completion Date Estimated Total Cost
North Cheshire Section (Birmingham-Preston Motorway) August, 1963 9,913,000
Lancashire Section (Birmingham-Preston Motorway) June, 1963 17,364,000
Medway Motor Road April, 1963 13,141,000
*Medway Bridge (Mcdway motor road) April, 1963 2,461,000
Slough By-pass April, 1963 4,769,000
Severn Bridge (substructure) May, 1963 1,753,000
Trunk Roads:
A.1—Widening through Girtford, Bedfordshire October, 1962 365,000
A.4—Henley's Corner to Cranford Lane, Middlesex April, 1962 236,000
A. 13—Widening New Road, Rainham, Essex October, 1962 447,000
A.23—Widening between railway bridge and Hooley Lane, Redhill, Surrey August, 1962 128,000
A.34—Stafford Boundary to Strongford Bridge, Part IV (Milestone 2½ to Strongford Bridget, Staffs. October, 1962 344,000
A.38—Lichfield to Burton, Part II (Alrewas to Wychnor Farm), Staffs. October, 1962 447,000
A.38—Lichfield to Burton, Part III (Wychnor Farm to Barton Turn), Staffs. May, 1962 148,000
A.59—Northeastwards from Lancashire County Boundary including diversion at Sawley Brow, West Riding September, 1962 214,000
A. 1079—Kexby Bridge Diversion, East Riding December, 1962 142,000
Classified Roads: Urban Areas:
Watford, St. Alban's Road Railway Bridge (Hertfordshire C.C.) Summer, 1963 270,000
Exeter, Inner Relief Road, Section 3 (Exeter C.B.C.) October, 1962 394,000
Exeter, High Street, dual carriageways (Exeter C.B.C.) June, 1961 251,000
Bristol, Inner Circuit Road, Part 3 (Bristol C.B.C.) Autumn, 1961 276,000
Swindon, New Road in Town Centre, Fleming Way (Swindon B.C.) May, 1963 315,000
Hull, Elimination of Hessle Road level crossing (Hull C.B.C.) January, 1963 812,000
Sheffield, New road west of the Moor (Sheffield C.B.C.) December, 1961 339,000
*Birmingham, Coventry Road, underpass at "The Swan", South Yardley (Birmingham C.B.C.) June, 1964 1,172,000
Classified Roads: Elsewhere:
A. 129—Construction of Rayleigh Spur Road (Essex C.C.) May, 1963 392,000
A.249—Detling By-pass (Kent C.C.) Summer, 1962 369,000
Guildford, Quarry Street Relief Road (Surrey C.C.) February, 1962 156,000
A.374—Heskyn Hill Diversion (Cornwall C.C.) October, 1961 135,000
* Work started during period July-December, 1960, not previously reported.

Mr. Gresham Cooke

asked the Minister of Transport if he will list the schemes, with lengths and particulars of each, authorised or about to be authorised for development of the following ring routes of London, namely, North Circular Road, South Circular Road, North Orbital Road and South Orbital Road.

Mr. Marples

The following is the reply:

A.406, North Circular Road Preparation of the following major schemes costing over £¼ million has been authorised.

gramme, costing over £100,000, which were started in the six months ended 30th June, 1961, with estimated completion date and total cost of each.

Mr. Marples

The schemes are:

Brent Cross Flyover—3-tier flyover to provide separate levels for A.406, A.41 and turning traffic.

Bowes Road to Great North Way—Duplication of 3½ miles of carriageway.

Silver Street diversion—Construction of dual carriageways on new alignment, three-quarters of a mile in length.

Detailed consideration is now being given to the standard to which this road is to be improved and the correct order of priority of the further schemes needed.

South Circular Road This is a classified road for which the London County Council are the improvement authority. No major schemes are planned to start within the next 5 years.

A.405, North Orbital Road The preparation of the following major scheme has recently been authorized— Green Lanes to northern intersection of A.1 and A.405—Construction of dual carriageways, improvements of junctions and construction of a subway on one-half mile of road. A pre-Order survey has recently been authorised to fix the line of the North Orbital Road from the Northern approaches of the Dartford/Purfleet Tunnel to A.12.

South Orbital Road A pre-Order survey has recently been authorised to fix the line of the South Orbital Road from the Southern approaches of the Dartford/Purfleet Tunnel to A.224.