HC Deb 16 February 1961 vol 634 cc188-9W
Mrs. Corbet

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer, how much Income Tax, including Surtax, was forgone in 1959–60 by reason of the exemption of interest on National Savings Certificates from tax.

Sir E. Boyle:

There is not enough information on which to base an estimate.

Mr. G. H. R. Rogers

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer, if he will state the amount of tax forgone, including Surtax, in the last three years for which the information is available in respect of lump sum superannuation benefits paid to all civil servants in receipt of a salary before retirement of £2,000 and over, and below £2,000, respectively, indicating the number of civil servants included in each group.

Sir E. Boyle:

These payments have never been chargeable to tax and no tax has been forgone.

Mr. C. Johnson

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will state the amounts of Income Tax, including Surtax, forgone in each case in the years 1938–39, 1949–50, 1954–55, and 1959–60 in respect of all persons with incomes of £2,000 and over and below £2,000, respectively, on account of age allowance, age exemption allowance, 1959–60 only, wife's earned income allowance, including reduced rates for 1949–50, 1954–55

YEAR INCOME £ million
1954–55 1959–60
Relief or Allowance Under £ 2,000 £2,000 and over Under £2,000 £2,000 and over
Age allowance nil 8 nil
Age Exemption not applicable nil
Reliefs for wife's earned income 141 6 175 7
Child allowance 238 9 287 13
Housekeeper allowance ½ ¼
Dependent relative allowance 17½ ½ 22½ ½
Life Assurance relief* 31 5 42 7
National Insurance contributions 30 3 42 4
Superannuation contributions 18 3 42
Covenants in favour of individuals ½ not available
* Life Assurance relief was estimated to cost £ 9½ million in 1938–39.