HL Deb 20 December 1961 vol 236 cc825-6WA

asked Her Majesty's Government:

Whether they have any further information to give as to the progress of the issue of the Ordnance Survey half-inch map.


The Government have reconsidered the issue of the Ordnance Survey half-inch map of Great Britain and have reluctantly decided that with the resources available it is not practicable to continue the production of this as a standard series covering the

Provisional number of cases from 11th September, 1961 to 29th October, 1961
Number of injections of Salk vaccine Estimated number of persons at 31st August, 1961 Estimated number of persons at 16th October, 1961 Paralytic poliomyelitis Non-paralytic poliomyelitis Deaths
1 1,700 19,200 11 1 0
2 16,800 18,400 11 2 0
3 66,400 66,400 9 5 0
4 21,600 22,400 1 0 0
(1) Under 16 years of age 21,700 14,400 27 3 0
(2) 16–39 years of age 69,500 56,900 16 0 0
(3) 40 and over 105,600 105,600 2 0 0
Total 303,300 303,300 77 11 0

whole country. Instead it is proposed to limit the production of maps at this scale to areas of particular interest such as the Snowdon area, already published, and the Greater London area, to be published early next year. It is considered that the public will be well served by the new one-inch series completed this year and the new quarter-inch series to be completed in 1962 and that the limited resources of the Ordnance Survey should be concentrated on producing and maintaining these two scales as well as the large scale plans. Though the half-inch map would be a desirable addition if resources permitted, this unfortunately is not possible without prejudice to the other scales which the Government consider are much more important.