HC Deb 23 November 1960 vol 630 cc109-10W
65. Sir W. Wakefield

asked the Minister of Transport if he will state, giving the mileage in respect of each, those motorways or lengths of motorways for which no line is yet proposed, a draft scheme has been published, a scheme has been made, tenders have been invited, a contract has been placed, which are under construction, and are in use, respectively, as at 31st October.

Mr. Marples

The following is the information requested:

Motorways in use

  • London to Birminghma—73¾ miles.
  • Preston By-pass—8½ miles.
  • Lancaster By-pass—11½ miles.
  • Maidstone By-pass (Eastern Section)—5¼ miles.

Motorways under construction

  • Birmingham to Preston—viaducts and Stafford By-pass—7 miles.
  • Birmingham to Bristol—Part I (Lydiate Ash to Twyning)—28 miles.
  • Ross Spur—20 miles (to be opened end November, 1960).
  • Stevenage By-pass—7½ miles.
  • Doncaster By-pass—17 miles.
  • Maidstone By-pass (Western section)—2¼ miles (to be opened December, 1960).
  • Medway Motor Road—Medway Bridge.
  • London to South Wales—Maidenhead By-pass—6 miles.

Contract placed Birmingham to Preston—Section in Staffordshire other than Stafford By-pass—21 miles.

and what was the amount accounted for by works outstanding from the preceding financial year.

Mr. Marples

The following is the Answer, the figures for Scotland having been provided by my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Scotland:

Tenders invited

  • Birmingham to Preston—Section in Lancashire—26 miles.
  • Severn Bridge—foundations and access road.

Scheme made

  • Birmingham to Preston—Section in Cheshire—21 miles.
  • Preston to Lancaster—13 miles.
  • London to Yorkshire—Part II (Crick to Doncaster)—85 miles.
  • London to South Wales—Chiswick to Langley—12 miles.
  • Slough By-pass—5 miles.
  • Severn Bridge and Approaches—9 miles.
  • Newport By-pass—7½ miles.
  • Darlington-Barton By-pass—10 miles.
  • Medway Motor Road—25 miles.

Draft Scheme published

  • Midland Links—Dunston to Coleshill, Walsall to Lydiate Ash—44 miles.

Line not yet published

  • London to South Wales—Maidenhead to Almondsbury—87 miles.
  • Crick to Newport—8 miles.
  • Ditton By-pass—5 miles.
  • Lancaster to Penrith—36 miles.
  • Penrith By-pass—6 miles.
  • Sheffield-Leeds Spur—30 miles.
  • Durham Motorway—21 miles.
  • Midland Links—Coleshill to Crick—24 miles.
  • Birmingham to Bristol—Part II (Twyning-East Brent)—68 miles.
  • Hendon Urban Motorway—4 miles.
  • Lancashire-Yorkshire Motorway—50 miles.
  • Brighton Radial—25 miles.
  • London to Basingstoke—24 miles.
  • Norwich Radial—32 miles.