HC Deb 16 May 1960 vol 623 c89W
4. Mr. Mathew

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs the reasons for the prolonged delay in ratifying the European Convention on Establishment, signed on 13th December, 1955; and when it will be ratified.

Mr. R. Allan

I have nothing to add to the reply which I gave to the hon. and learned Member for Crewe (Mr. Scholefield Allen) on 10th May.

(i) Treaty of Mutual Assistance by the United Kingdom, France and Turkey 19th October, 1939
(ii) North Atlantic Treaty 4th April, 1949
(iii) Treaty of Economic, Social and Cultural Collaboration and Collective Self-Defence (Brussels Treaty) 17th March, 1948
(iv) South-East Asia Collective Defence Treaty 8th September, 1954
(v) Pact of Mutual Co-operation between Iraq and Turkey (CENTO) 24th February, 1955 U.K. accession on 5th April, 1955
(vi) Agreement between the Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty for Co-operation regarding Atomic Information 22nd June, 1955
(vii) Agreement implementing Article 5 of Protocol No. 2 of the Brussels Treaty (not yet in force) 14th December, 1957
(viii) Agreement concerning the Agency for the Control of Armaments set up under the Brussels Treaty, Protocol No. 4 (not yet in force) 14th December, 1957
(i) Portugal Treaty of Friendship and Alliance 16th June, 1373
(ii) France Alliance of Mutual Assistance 4th March, 1947
(iii) Ceylon Defence 11th December, 1947
(iv) France Reciprocal Military Air Transit Facilities 19th April, 1948
(v) Libya Treaty of Friendship and Alliance 29th July, 1953
(vi) United States Co-operation on Atomic Information for Mutual Defence Purposes 15th June, 1955
(vii) South Africa Defence 30th June, 1955
(viii) Malaya External Defence and Mutual Assistance 12th September, 1957
(ix) United States Agreement on the Supply of Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles 22nd February, 1958
(x) United States Co-operation on Uses of Atomic Energy for Mutual Defence Purposes 3rd July, 1958
Amendment to above 7th May, 1959
(xi) United States Agreement concerning Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station in the United Kingdom 15th February, 1960

Defence matters are also covered in an Exchange of Letters with the Sultan of Muscat and Oman dated 25th July, 1958.

Her Majesty's Government are under an obligation to protect Kuwait and also the other States in the Persian Gulf (Bahrain, Qatar and the Trucial States).