HC Deb 10 May 1960 vol 623 cc56-60W
Mr. John Eden

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will make known to the House the contents of the memorandum which he has sent to the County Councils Association setting out all the motorway schemes at present in contemplation.

Mr. Marples

My Department sent the County Councils Association in April a list of the motorway projects which have been completed, are being built, or are under consideration. This followed representations to me about my general policy that consulting engineers should be appointed for motorway projects; it was intended to give individual county councils the opportunity to make representations in respect of any motorway where they felt that special circumstances existed which in their view would justify a departure from that policy. To assist the Association some indication was given of the broad phasing of the schemes, but it was emphasised that the phasing was by no means settled and did not bind me in any way. The list sent to the County Councils Association is as follows:

Phase I: Projects completed, under construction or expected to start in the near future
Project Route Mileage Agents
London/Birmingham South of Luton-Watford Gap-Dunchurch 54 Sir Owen Williams and Partners.
Watford Gap-Crick
St. Albans By-pass and Aldenham Spur. 17 Hertfordshire C.C. (certain bridges by Sir Owen Williams and Partners).
Dunchurch By-pass 2 Warwickshire C.C.
Birmingham/Preston Dunston to Preston By-pass 77 Lancashire C.C.
Staffordshire C.C.
Cheshire C.C.
Scott & Wilson, Kirkpatrick & Partners (for part of Cheshire).
Preston By-pass Lancashire C.C.
Lancaster By-pass 11½ Lancashire C.C.
Birmingham/Bristol, Part 1 Lydiate Ash to Twyning 28 Worcestershire C.C.
Ross Spur Twyning to Ross 20 Herefordshire C.C. (Bridstow Bridge—Scott & Wilson, Kirkpatrick & Partners).
Gloucestershire C.C. (Bridges— W.S. Atkins & Partners).
Worcestershire C.C. (Queenhill Bridge—Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners).
London/South Wales Chiswick to Langley 12 Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners.
Slough By-pass 4 Buckinghamshire C.C.
Maidenhead By-pass 6 Berkshire C.C..
Buckinghamshire C.C.
Thames Bridge Freeman, Fox & Partners.
Great North Road Stevenage By-pass 8 Hertfordshire C C.
Doncaster By-pass 15 Nottinghamshire C.C.
West Riding C.C.
Medway Motor Road 25 Freeman, Fox & Partners.
Maidstone By-pass and Ditton BY-Pass. 11 Kent C.C.
Phase II: Projects to follow those in Phase I during the next 5-10 years, depending on financial resources
Project Route Mileage Agents
Preston/Lancaster 13 Lancashire C.C.
Lancaster/Penrith 36 Scott & Wilson, Kirkpatrick & Partners.
Penrith By-pass 6 Cumberland C.C. (pre-Scheme work).
London/Yorkshire, Part II Crick to Doncaster 85 Sir Owen Williams & Partners (pre-Scheme work).
Sheffield/Leeds Spur 30 West Riding C.C. (pre-Scheme work).
Durham Motorway Including Darlington and Barton By-passes. 31 Durham C.C. (pre-Scheme work).
London/South Wales Maidenhead to Chippenham 61 Not yet decided.
Chippenham to Almonds-bury. 26 Not yet decided.
Severn Bridge and Approaches. 9 Mott, Hay & Anderson in asso-ciation with Freeman, Fox & Partners.
Midland Links Dunston/Coleshill 30 Sir Owen Williams & Partners (pre-Scheme work).
Walsall/Lydiate Ash 14
Coleshill/Crick 24
Birmingham/Bristol, Part II Twyning to junction with A. 38 west of Bristol. 68 Freeman, Fox & Partners (pre-Scheme work).
Hendon Urban Motorway and conversion of Watford By-pass. 7 W. S. Atkins (Hendon Urban Motorway).
Hertfordshire C.C. (Watford By-pass pre-Schemes work).
Phase III: More distant projects
Project Route Mileage Agents
Lancashire/Yorkshire Motorway. Worsley By-pass to Selby Fork (A.1). 50 Not yet decided.
Brighton Radial Streatham to Pease Pottage 25 Not yet decided.
Chertsey Radial Sunbury to Basingstoke 24 Not yet decided.
Norwich Radial Bishops Stortford to Walthamstow. 32 Not yet decided.
NOTE: "Pre-Scheme Work" means initial preparation leading up to the publication of the draft Scheme under Section 11 of the Highways Act, 1959.

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