HC Deb 22 June 1960 vol 625 cc45-6W

(a) Simple roundabouts on all-purpose trunk roads

  1. 1. A.30. "Jolly Farmer" P.H., Bagshot.
  2. 2. A.30. Staines By-pass:
    1. (i) Egham roundabout (enlargement).
    2. (ii) Billet Bridge.
    3. (iii) Wraysbury Road.
  3. 3. A.1. Junction with S. Mimms By-pass (Grade separation to come later.)
  4. 4. A.1. Apex Corner, Middlesex (enlargement).
  5. 5. A.41. Junction of Watford Way with Page Street (enlargement). (Grade-separation to come later.)
  6. 46
  7. 6. A.12. Whalebone Lane junction, Essex (enlargement).
  8. 7. Oxford Western By-pass:
    1. (i) Junction at N. end with A.34.
    2. (ii) Junction with A.420 at Botley.
  9. 8. A.4. Junction with A.361 at Beckhampton, Wilts.
  10. 9. A.465. Heads of the Valleys Road:
    1. (i) At Brynmawr, with existing road.
    2. (ii) At Glanbaiden, with existing road.
    3. (iii) South of Abergavenny, at junction with A.40 and A.4042.
  11. 10. Ross By-pass. Junction with A.49.
  12. 11. A.34. Junction with A.520, Staffs.
  13. 12. A.41. Junction with A.49 at Prees Heath, Salop.
  14. 13. A.56. Junction with Stretford—Eccles By-pass.
  15. 14. A.556. E. end of Northwich By-pass.
  16. 15. A.64. Junction with A.1039, East Riding.
  17. 16. A.1. Stamford By-pass:
    1. (i) At N. end (Tickencote).
    2. (ii) At S. end (Carpenter's Lodge).
  18. 17. A.1. Grantham By-pass, N. end.
  19. 18. A.46. Thurmaston By-pass, N end.
  20. 19. A.1. Biggleswade By-pass. Junction with Hill Lane.
  21. 20. A.1. Junction with A.428 near Wyboston, Beds.
  22. 21. A.11. Junction with A.1101 and A.1065 at Barton Mills, W. Suffolk.
  23. 22. A.127. Junction with Rayleigh Spur Road, Essex. (Grade-separation to come later.)

(b) Roundabouts at terminal junctions of motorways with all-purpose trunk roads

  1. 1. Maidenhead By-pass—junctions with A.4 at Huntercombe Spur and Maidenhead Thicket.
  2. 2. Ross Spur—junction with A.449.
  3. 3. Doncaster By-pass—junctions with A.1 at North and South ends.
  4. 4. Stevenage By—pass-junctions with A.1 at North and South ends.

In addition, roundabouts are in some cases being used as part of comprehensive grade-separated junctions between motorways and other roads.

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