HC Deb 07 July 1960 vol 626 cc56-7W
Lieut.-Colonel Bromley - Davenport

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will state the amount of each class of hydrocarbon oils retained for home consumption during the year ended 31st March, 1960, and the net amount received in respect of duty thereon, showing, in particular, the amounts received in respect of motor spirit and heavy oils used as fuel in road vehicles.

Class Quantity Receipts of Duty
Gallons £
Oils chargeable with Customs Duty
Light Oils: 2,405,910,603 *300,791,422
of which motor (including aviation; spirit (2,347,968,073) (293,496,745)
Heavy Oils:
For use as road fuel 617,553,550 77,194,192
Other (mainly lubricating oils) 195,144,769 813,097
Oils chargeable with Excise Duty
Light Oils: 96,527,393 6,057,809
of which motor (including aviation) spirit (33,382,037) (2,086,903)
Heavy Oils for use as road fuel 23,135,698 1,445,981
Total 386,302,501
Allowance on certain home produced oils used in approved refineries as raw material for chemical synthesis 5,348,284
Net Total 380,954,217
These particulars relate to oil subject to a net liability to Customs or Excise Duty: comparable figures are not available in respect of heavy oils for which the duty is wholly rebated.
* Includes £51,637 in respect of light oils contained in composite goods on which oil duty was charged at a flat rate under the Composite Goods Order, 1958, and for which information as to the quantity of oil is not available.