HC Deb 03 February 1960 vol 616 cc132-3W
Mr. Ian Fraser

asked the Minister of Transport what plans he has for improving the A.38 road between Plymouth and Exeter.

Mr. Marples

I am planning eventually to provide a dual carriageway road throughout A.38 between Plymouth and Exeter, but I cannot yet say how soon this work will be carried out. One scheme for the provision of over half a mile of dual carriageway at Redcross Hill is, however, due to start early this summer.

Estimated Completion Date Estimated total Cost
London and Approaches
A.41 Page Street to Finchley Road, Middlesex (Sect. II), Page Street to Selbourne Gardens (Trunk Road) Late 1960 219,000
A.1 Mill Hill Golf Club House to South Mimms By-Pass, Middlesex and Herts. (Trunk Road) Summer 1961 767,000
A.6 London Colney By-Pass to South Mimms By-Pass, Herts. (Trunk Road) Autumn 1960 194,000
A.405 North Orbital Road—Park Street to London Colney By-Pass, Herts, (Trunk Road) Autumn 1960 380,000
A.30 Staines By-Pass, Middlesex and Surrey (Trunk Road) End of 1961 2,153,000
Cranbrook Road (Ilford B.C.) Early 1961 282,000
Hunters Bridge, Welwyn Garden City (Herts, C.C.) Summer 1961 199,000
Malden Station Bridge (Surrey C.C.) Spring 1961 138,000
Theobalds Road (London County Council) Spring 1960 104,000
Urban Schemes
Laira Bridge (Plymouth C.B.C.) Autumn 1962 608,000
Inner Ring Road, Section II (Birmingham C.B.C.) Early 1962 1,044,000
Brownsover Diversion, Rugby (Warwickshire C.C.) Autumn 1960 215,000
Lichfield Western By-Pass (Staffordshire C.C.) Autumn 1960 125,000
Swansea East Side approach, Section IV (Swansea C.B.C.) Late 1960 103,000
Central Ring Road, Parts II and III (Leicester C.B.C.) Late 1960 253,000
*Inner Ring Road, Western Part (Southampton C.B.C.) Spring 1961 400,000
*Inner Ring Road (Coventry C.B.C.), Part II (London Road-Swanswell Terrace) Mid 1960 394,000
(Note.—This scheme was included in the Answer given to the hon. and gallant Member for Knutsford on 22nd July, 1959 but was in fact deferred from June until July of that year.)
*Queen Victoria Road (Coventry C.B.C.) Spring 1962 160,000
New Street Bridge, Chelmsford (Essex C.C.) Spring 1961 185,000
Broad Street and Northgate (Halifax C.B.C.) Summer 1960 134,000
Other Roads
Corbett's Bridge, Penarth (Glamorgan C.C.) Autumn 1960 150,000
Haw Bridge (Gloucestershire C.C.) Autumn 1961 190,000
Whittlesford Bridge (Cambridgeshire C.C.) Autumn 1960 125,000
Trunk Roads and Motorways
A.1 Allerton Station Diversion to Borough-Bridge, West Riding End of 1960 538,000
A.1 Micklefield By-Pass, West Riding Late 1960 443,000
A.1 Biggleswade By-Pass and widening from Biggleswade By-Pass to Girtford, Beds. Summer 1961 992,000
A.34 Trentham Gardens to Campbell Road, Stoke, Staffs. Spring 1961 349,000
Birmingham-Preston Motorway (Viaducts only) Spring 1962 9,000,000
A.1 Wentbridge By-Pass, West Riding Spring 1961 765,000
A.63 North Ferriby By-Pass, East Riding Summer 1961 308,000
* "Blitzed" City Schemes.

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