HC Deb 19 November 1959 vol 613 cc156-9W
Mr. Malcolm MacPherson

asked the Minister of State for Commonwealth Relations which delegates attended the Commonwealth Education Conference held at Oxford recently from the self-governing territories, other than those from the United Kingdom.

Mr. Alport

The following is a list of delegates from the independent countries of the Commonwealth, other than the United Kingdom, and from the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland who attended the Commonwealth Education Conference in Oxford in July this year.


  • Leader—The Hon. George A. Drew, P.C., Q.C., High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom.
  • Mr. J. W. Holmes, Assistant Under Secretary, Department of External Affairs.
  • Dr. O. E. Ault, Colombo Plan Administrator.
  • Mr. C. R. Ford, Director of Vocational Training, Department of Labour.
  • Mr. L. D Hudon, International Programmes. Department of Finance.
  • Dr. T. H. Matthews, Executive Secretary, National Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges.
  • Professor W. L. Morton, Professor of History. University of Manitoba.
  • Dr. F. C. A. Jeanneret, Chancellor, University of Toronto.
  • Professor J. R. Mallory, Professor of Political Science, McGill University.
  • Dr. W. T. R. Flemington, O.B.E., President, Mount Allison University.
  • Dr. G. F. Curtis, Q.C., Dean of Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia.
  • Dr. J. F. Leddy, Dean of College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Dr. J. B. Marshall, Awards Officer, National Research Council.
  • Mr. Lewis Perinbam, General Secretary, World University Service of Canada.
  • Dr. Henri Gaudefroy, Director, Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal.
  • Rev. Jacques Garneau, Registrar and Students Advisor, Laval University.
  • Dr. D. C. Munroe, Director, Institute of Education, McGill University.
  • Mr. G. A. Mosher, Canadian Teachers' Federation.
  • Dr. Mary Quayle-Innis, Dean of Women, University College, University of Toronto.
  • Mr. Graham McInnes, Secretary General to Delegation.


  • Leader—Sir Allen Brown, C.B.E., Deputy High Commissioner for Australia in the United Kingdom.
  • Sir Earle Page, G.C.M.G., C.H., Chancellor, New England University.
  • Dr. R. B. Madgwick, Vice Chancellor, New England University.
  • Mr. H. B. Basten, C.M.G., Vice Chancellor.Adelaide University.
  • Dr. H. S. Wyndham, Director General of Education, N.S.W.
  • Mr. D. H. Tribolet, Director of Education, Tasmania.
  • Mr. J. J. Pratt, Commonwealth Office of Education.
  • Dr. R. Mendelsohn, Prime Minister's Department.
  • Dr. R. W. Whitelaw, Department of the Treasury.
  • Mr. G. J. Yeend, Assistant Secretary.Australia House.
  • Mr. J. R. Rowland, First Secretary, External Affairs, Australia House.
  • Mr. E. J. Drake, Chief Scientific Liaison Officer, Australia House.
  • Mr. J. Hunter, Secretary to Delegation.


  • Leader—Dr. C. E. Beeby, C.M.G., Director of Education.
  • Mr. R. G. Rowley, Education Department.
  • Dr. F. J. Llewellyn, Vice Chancellor, Canterbury University, New Zealand.
  • Mr. J. W. Heywood, Registrar, Otago University.
  • Mr. S. C. Parker, Financial Secretary, New Zealand House.
  • Mr. H. H. Francis, Second Secretary, New Zealand House.
  • Mr. A. T. Cambell, Public Relations Officer. New Zealand House.


  • Leader—Mr. J. J. P. Op't Hof, Secretary for Education, Arts and Science.
  • Mr. J. D. Rossouw, Chief Inspector of Technical Education, Department of Education, Arts and Science.
  • Mr. I. F. A. de Villiers, First Secretary, South Africa House.
  • Mr. E. Boden, Scientific Adviser, South Africa House.


  • Leader—Sir A. Lakshamanaswami Mudaliar, K.C.S.I., Vice Chancellor, Madras University.
  • Dr. N. K. Sidhanta, Vice Chancellor. Calcutta University.
  • Professor K. G. Saiyidain, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education.
  • Professor Thacker, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Scientific Research and Cultural Affairs.
  • Dr. A. M. D'Rozario, Joint Education Officer, Ministry of Scientific Research and Cultural Affairs.
  • Mr. B. B. Sen, Assistant Education Adviser, India House.
  • Mr. J. C. Kakar, Counsellor, India House.
  • Dr. S. G. Sathaye. Education Officer, India House.
  • Mr. A. G. A. Tauro, Finance Officer, India House.
  • Mr. S. Mathai, Secretary, University Grants Committee, India.
  • Mr. T. S. Krishnamurthi, Deputy Secretary and Head of Cultural Division, Ministry of Scientific Research and Cultural Affairs—Secretary of Delegation.


  • Leader—Mr. S. M. Sharif, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education.
  • Mr. S. G. Khaliq, Deputy Educational Adviser, Ministry of Education.
  • Dr. Muntaz Ahmed, Vice-Chancellor, University of Rajshahi, East Pakistan.
  • Mrs. Radrid Ahmed, Principal of the Goul College for Women, Karachi.
  • Colonel Fahim Khan, Assistant Director Medical Services.
  • Dr. I. Husain, Educational Adviser, Office of the High Commissioner for Pakistan.
  • Dr. C, K. Reheem, Scientific Liaison Officer, Office of the High Commissioner for Pakistan.


  • Leader—Mr. H. Jinadasa, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education.
  • Mr. E. H. de Alwis, Deputy Director of Education.
  • Professor J. E. Jayasuriya, Professor of Education, University of Ceylon, Peradeniya.
  • Professor J. L. C. Rodrigo, Education Officer, Office of the High Commissioner for Ceylon.


  • Leader—Mr. C. M. O. Mate, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health.
  • Mr. B. A. Brown, Deputy Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education.
  • Mr. M. A. B. Sarpong, Senior Assistant Secretary and Head of Scholarships Branch, Ministry of Education.
  • Mr. A. O. Lamquaye, representing the Chief Technical Education Officer, Ministry of Education.
  • Mr. M. Dowuona, Registrar, University College of Ghana.
  • Mr. J. M. Bannochie, Ministry of Education.
  • Mr. D. J. Nyarko, representing Deputy Chief Technical Education Officer.
  • Mr. G. K. Benson, Education Attaché, Office of the High Commissioner for Ghana.


  • Leader—Enche Mohamed Yusoff, Students Adviser, Office of the High Commissioner for Malaya.
  • Deputy Leader—Mr. D. H. Christie, Ministry of Education.
  • Mr. N. A. K. Nair, Head of Technical College, Kula Lumpur.
  • Mr. E. J. Hackling, Ministry of Education.
  • Professor Mason, Acting Principal, University of Malaya.
  • Professor Oppenheim, Vice-Chancellor, University of Malaya.
  • Mr. J. D. de Silva, Office of the High Commissioner for Malaya.


  • Leader—Mr. D. C. Ferrer, Federal Secretary for Education.
  • Mr. W. C. Little, O.B.E., Secretary Northern Rhodesia Ministry of African Education.
  • Dr. W. Adams, C.M.G., O.B.E., Principal, University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
  • Mr. F. Bray, C.B. Adviser on Technical Education to the Federal and Southern Rhodesia Governments.
  • Mr. J. F. Bowles, Counsellor, Rhodesia House.
  • Mr. H. E. Pegg, Education Liaison Officer, Rhodesia House.