HC Deb 28 July 1959 vol 610 cc59-60W
Lieut. - Colonel Bromley - Davenport

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation if he will issue a list of schemes

Estimated completion date Estimated Total cost
London and approaches
A.40 Western Avenue—Pt. III Alperton Lane to western end of Underpass and Park Royal Station Bridge, Middlesex (Trunk Road). Summer, 1960 210,000
Elephant and Castle (L.C.C.)—Part II Summer, 1962 941,000
Queen Victoria Street (preliminary works) (City of London Corporation). Spring, 1961 137,000
Ilford Lane (Ilford T.C., Essex) Early, 1960 110,500
Urban schemes
Canterbury Road, Margate (Kent C.C.) Spring, 1961 233,000
Cowick Street (Exeter C.B.C.) Summer, 1960 111,000
Inner Ring Road (Part I) (demolition works) (Wolverhampton C.B.C). Autumn, 1960 146,000
Gateshead—Felling By-pass (Gateshead C.B.C.) Spring, 1961 798,000
Leeds Ring Road (final part) (West Riding C.C.) Summer, 1960 247,000
Link road between A.45 and A.50 (Northampton C.B.C.) Spring, 1960 160,000
Hills Road Bridge, Cambridge (Cambridgeshire C.C.) Late, 1960 116,000
*Eastgate Square and Paris Street (Exeter C.B.C.) Autumn, 1960 176,000
*Inner Ring Road (Coventry C.B.C.)
Part I (Quinton Road-London Road) (site clearance) Summer, 1960 314,000
Part II (London Road-Swanswell Terrace) (demolition works). Summer, 1960 394,000
Other roads
Great Missenden By-Pass (Buckinghamshire C.C.) Early, 1961 235,000
Bebside-Sleekburn Diversion, including Kitty Brewster Bridge (Northumberland C.C). Summer, 1961 286,000
Methley Bridge (West Riding C.C.) Late, 1960 145,000
Trunk Roads and motorways
A.56 Barton Road Stretford to Dane Road, Sale, Lancashire Spring, 1960 300,000
A.46 Thurmaston By-Pass, Leicestershire Summer, 1960 210,000
A.1 A.428 to Eaton Socon By-Pass, Bedfordshire Late, 1959 120,000
A.34 Oxford Ring Road Western By-Pass, Berks. Late, 1960 1,765,000
A.556 North wich By-Pass, Eastern Section, Cheshire Summer, 1960 440,000
A.49 Warrington Boundary to A.573, Winick widening, Lancashire. Summer, 1960 150,000
A.1 Wetherby By-Pass to Allerton Station By-Pass, West Riding Summer, 1960 640,000
A.1 Wansford and Water Newton Diversions, Huntingdonshire End of 1959 270,000
A. 184 Gateshead to Felling By-Pass, Durham Autumn, 1960 440,000
A.34 Stafford boundary to Strongford Bridge-(Pt. III A.51 to Meardale Cottage), Staffordshire. Late, 1960 200,000
A.48 Flambert Farm to Penhow, Monmouthshire Summer, 1960 300,000
A.20 Maidstone By-Pass Western Section, Kent Summer, 1960 1,110,000
A.1 Wentbridge By-Pass to Ferrybridge By-Pass, West Riding Spring, 1960 360,000
A.4 Maidenhead By-Pass (Bucks and Berks) End of 1960 2,780,000
A.487 Oakley Drive, Gellilydan Diversion, Merioneth Spring, 1960 160,000
A.614 BIyth By-Pass, Nottinghamshire Summer, 1961 320,000
A.1 North of Boroughbridge By-Pass to Dishforth Cross Roads, North Riding. Spring, 1960 160,000
A.40 Headington roundabout to Oxford City boundary Summer, 1960 100,000
A.1 Stamford By-Pass, Lincolnshire End of 1960 1,000,000
A.1 Wansford Bridge to Carpenters Lodge, Soke of Peterborough. End of 1960 380,000
A.43 Oxford N.W. By-Pass, Oxfordshire Summer, 1960 190,000
A.1 Doncaster By-Pass, West Riding Summer, 1961 5,560,000
* Blitzed City Schemes.

under the road programme, costing over £100,000, which were started in the six months ended 30th June, 1959, with estimated completion date and total cost of each.

Mr. Watkinson

The schemes are:

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