HC Deb 26 November 1958 vol 596 cc42-3W
Mr. P. Williams

asked the Minister of Labour whether he will issue a list of all the official and unofficial strikes, walk-outs and lock-outs that have taken place in the shipbuilding and ship-repairing industry in the last twelve months; and if he will detail their causes together with the number of people concerned.

Mr. Iain Macleod

The following table gives an analysis of the stoppages of work due to industrial disputes in the twelve months ended 31st October, 1958. The preparation of a list of the individual stoppages detailing their causes would in-

(provisional figures)
Principal cause of dispute leading to a Stoppage of work Number of stoppages beginning in period Number of workers directly involved in these stoppages Number of working days lost by all workers involved in these stoppages (1)
Claim for increase 32 2,523 255,324
Other wage disputes 9 1,322 4,721
All wage disputes 41 3,845 260,045
Demarcation disputes 16 1,843 30,035
Other disputes about the employment of particular classes or persons (2) 19 2,337 22,209
Other working arrangements, rules and discipline 8 1,224 2,313
Trade Union status (3) 5 524 1,744
TOTAL 89 9,773 316,346
(1) Including days lost by those indirectly involved, i.e., thrown out of work at the establishments where the stoppages occurred, but not themselves parties to the dispute.
(2) This category includes, e.g., disputes arising from employment of certain officials; for reinstatement of discharged or suspended employee(s). It includes one stoppage which began in October 1958, and is still in progress; working days lost in October, only are included in this total.
(3) This category includes, e.g., refusal of trade union members to work with non-unionists.

The figure of 255,324 working days lost in stoppages due to disputes about claims for wage increases includes 235,900 working days lost in a single stoppage at Belfast. The figure of 30,035 days lost in stoppages arising out of demarcation disputes includes 24,000 working days lost in a single stoppage at Birkenhead. The figure of 22,209 working days lost in stoppages due to other disputes about employment of particular classes OT persons includes 15,701 working days lost in a single dispute at Falmouth.

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