HC Deb 17 November 1958 vol 595 cc101-3W
55. Mr. Younger

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what funds have now been pledged by Governments to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees for the period ending in December, 1959; how much of this sum was pledged by Her Majesty's Government; and whether the funds so pledged will permit the Agency to maintain all its present activities.

Mr. Ian Harvey

The pledges made at the Pledging Session of the General Assembly on 27th October are listed below.

The total of pledges was approximately 27½ million dollars, towards a minimum budget of over 33 million. In addition to the pledges, certain Governments said that they intended to support the Agency in 1959 but were not yet able to pledge specific sums. The United States pledge of 23 million dollars was, however, subject to the usual condition that the amount utilised should not exceed 70 per cent. of the Agency's total income.

Her Majesty's Government pledged 2,700,000 dollars for the first half of 1959 and, subject to Parliamentary approval, will also make a generous contribution to the Agency in the second half of the year.

Even assuming the continuance of the United Kingdom's contribution at the same rate in the second half of the year as in the first half, there will still be a deficit. According to a statement of the acting Director on 7th November, the Agency will not be able to continue all its present activities unless nearly 3 million dollars of new contributions can be raised from sources other than the United States.

It is for the General Assembly to decide how further funds shall be raised and what ought to be done if they cannot be found. The debate is still proceeding.

  • List of pledges:
  • United Kingdom: $2.7 million for the first half of 1959.
  • United States of America: $18 million for relief, $5 million for rehabilitation.
  • Australia: $190,000.
  • Belgium: $30,000 (increased from $20,000).
  • Cambodia: 40,000 rials (payable in French francs) (new contributions)
  • Canada: $500,000 (back to usual level after last year's special contribution of $2 million)
  • Malaya: $1,500 (new contribution)
  • France: 60 million francs for relief, 10 million francs for scholarships.
  • German: DM 800,000.
  • Ghana: $2,000 (new contribution).
  • Greece: $15,000 (reduced from $39,000).
  • Iran: 400,000 rials (increased from 200,000).
  • Iceland: £1,000 (new contribution).
  • Italy: $40,000.
  • Japan: $10,000.
  • Jordan: $70,000 (reduced from $97,000).
  • Lebanon: £Lebanese 170,000.
  • Liberia:$5,000.
  • Libya: $10,000 (reduced from $14,000).
  • Luxembourg: $2,000.
  • Morocco: 2 million Moroccan francs (payable in dollars).
  • Netherlands: $65,790 (double last year's sum).
  • Pakistan: Rupees 100,000.
  • Saudi Arabia: $100,000, and 2,000 tons of crude oil.
  • Sweden: $58,000 (reduced by $10,000).
  • Switzerland: 200–300,000 franc.
  • Tunisia: $2,000.
  • 103
  • Turkey: $5,000.
  • Yugoslavia: $30,000 in kind (reduced from $40,000).

Total pledges made amounted to the equivalent of approximately $27.5 million.

The representatives of Austria, Denmark, India, New Zealand, Norway and Spain promised continued support, but were as yet unable to pledge specific sums.