HC Deb 31 March 1958 vol 585 cc100-1W
Mr. Gordon Walker

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the taxed value, as a percentage of annual taxed salary, for male civil servants at age 40 years, of taxed superannuation benefit, including lump sum free of tax, in respect of permanent secretaries, assistant secretaries, principals, and clerical officers, on 1939 and 1957 scales of salaries and tax, respectively, and on the assumption that they have an expectation of life, at 60 years of age of 15 years, and have completed 40 years of service, that they are married men without dependent children, have no other income, and retire on 5th April.

Mr. Amory

Applying the 1939–40 rates of tax to the 1939 rates of pay and pension and the 1957–58 rates of tax to the 1957 rates of pay and pension, ignoring the value of the widow's pension and including the whole of the lump sum gratuity without abatement for contribution to the widow's pension, the figures are as set out below.

Capital value of the taxed superanuation benefits expressed as a percentage of the net salary at 40.

1939 1957
Per cent. Per cent.
Permanent Secretary 354 402
Assistant Secretary 334 350
Principal 339 343
Clerical Officer 310 330

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