HC Deb 20 March 1958 vol 584 cc165-6W

Agreements under which restrictions (being restrictions by virtue of which such agreements are subject to registration under the Registration of Restrictive Trading Agreements Order, 1956(b)) are accepted by any of the parties in relation to the supply by them, in the course of their business, of goods of any of the following descriptions, namely:— baths; bricks including refactory bricks; contractor's plant; domestic pottery; dustbins; electric lighting equipment and fittings; engraved printing blocks; fencing and fencing materials; galvanized tanks; glycerine; metal bedsteads; motor cars and commercial vehicles; newspapers; paint; paper; paperboard; periodicals; road or other construction materials of any of the following descriptions:— aggregates, whether coated or not; asphalts; ballast; bituminous road emulsions; gravel; pre-cast concrete products; roadstone; sand; ropes; steel drums and kegs; tyres; vulcanised fibre. (a) 4 & 5 Eliz. 2. C. 68. (b) S.I. 1956/1869.