HC Deb 10 March 1958 vol 584 cc11-2W
3. Colonel Beamish

asked the Minister of Pensions and National Insurance how the standard rates of National Insurance benefits provided in October, 1951, and January, 1958, respectively, compared

Amount required to equal the value of 26s. in October, 1946 Rate payable Percentage difference
s. d.
October, 1951 33 6
Retirement pensioners who reached the minimum qualifying age on or before 1st October, 1951, and widowed mothers* 30s. -10
Other retirement pensioners and other beneficiaries for whom 26s. was provided in the National Insurance Act, 1946 26s. -22
January, 1958 43 1
Before increase 40s. -7
After increase 50s. +16
* Personal rate excluding amounts paid for children.
† The other benefits for which the 26s. rate was not increased by the 1951 Act were unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, and widow's pension.

many persons were examined by each of the pneumoconiosis panels in England and Wales in the year ended 30th June, 1957, following claims for benefit under the Industrial Injuries Acts; how many, in each case, were rejected on X-ray examination; how many appealed against disallowance; and, of these, how many after clinical examination were found to be suffering from pneumoconiosis and were awarded benefit.

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

Following is the information:

with the value of the original rate of 26s. when it first became payable for pensions in October, 1946.

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

On the basis of the cost of living index for the period up to June, 1947, and the Retail Prices Index since that date the figures are as follows:

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