HC Deb 31 July 1958 vol 592 cc174-5W
90. Mr. Wingfield Digby

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food whether he has yet reached a decision with regard to measures to reduce the number of grey squirrels to replace the scheme abandoned by the Forestry Commission.

Mr. Godber

The Forestry Commission is maintaining a publicity campaign against the grey squirrel. Demonstrations of the latest techniques in trapping will be given to keepers from private and Commission estates by officers of my Ministry

Basic ration at end—July, 1948 Approximate Average Price paid in 1957 (National Food Survey) Approximate Value of 1948 rations at 1957 prices
(oz. per week) (d. per lb.) (d. per week)
Bacon 2 46 5.75
Cheese 32 3.0
Butter 3 38 7.1
Margarine 4 22.5 5.6
Cooking Fats 1 22 1.4
Sugar (straight) 8 9 4.5
(extra ration for making jam) 4 9 2.25
Tea 2 89 10.0
Carcase Meat (estimated) 10½* 42 (est.) 27.5
(10d. worth)
Canned corned meat 2 48 6.0
(2d. worth)
Jam 4 20 5.0
Total straight rations 78.1
Milk allocation 2½ pints at 8d. 20.0
Rationed foods and milk 98.1
* In the form shown in the National Food Survey, i.e., after trimming, boning and some loss of weight.
(i) For several commodities, particularly meat and margarine the grades and qualities of produce have much improved since 1948.
(ii) The items included in the above table accounted for approximately one-third of total household expenditure in 1948 Today the corresponding percentage is setting on for one-half.
(iii) For some foods end—July prices may be different from the annual averages.
(iv) Points and personal points could be spent on a variety of goods at the holder's choice. Eggs were subject to an allocation scheme without a specific entitlement for non-priority consumers.

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