HC Deb 27 January 1958 vol 581 cc16-8W
98. Mr. W. Griffiths

asked the Minister of Health the capital projects authorised at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, and St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester, in each of the last five years, and the sum involved in each case.

Mr. R. Thompson

Following are the details:

Manchester Royal Infirmary £
Post-mortem room alterations 6,286
Renovations at 132 High Street 3,742
Major repairs to out-patient department 3,000
St. Mary's Hospitals
Covered way 4,590
Manchester Royal Infirmary £
Heating of Teaching and Administrative Block 6,660
Erection and Servicing of Nurse Training Hut 2,140
St. Mary's Hospitals
Laundry conversion 3,079
Royal Eye Hospital
Alterations to First Men's Centre Ward 2,724
Manchester Royal Infirmary £
Gaskell Nursing Home 13,211
Major repairs to Kitchen 12,415
X-ray-Angiocardiography equipment 6,380
Oxford Road Lodge reconstruction 4,777
St. Mary's Hospitals
Pathological Laboratory Extension 3,377
Manchester Royal Infirmary £
X-ray Department in Teaching Block 24,054
Central Workshop and Store 8,758
Automatic Stokers 2,562
Orthopaedic Building repairs 9,358
Central Records Department 12,717
X-ray Equipment 5,000
Royal Eye Hospital
Reconstruction of University Theatre 8,086
Manchester Royal Infirmary £
Union Chapel House—adaption for Sterile Products Laboratory 2,507
X-ray Department Waiting Room and Mass Miniature Radiography Room 3,780
Clinical Pathology Department extension 21,174
Visitors lavatory accommodation 3,000
Main Stores re-organisation 31,860
Out-patients' Department rebuilding of wings and repairs to dispensary 65,080
(excluding fees)
St. Mary's Hospitals
Extension over Dispensary 9,850
Sanitary Annexe (North Block) 17,941
Passenger Lift 5,626
Sanitary Annexe (Centre Block) 7,532
Royal Eye Hospital
Modernisation of Kitchen and various stores attached thereto 2,991
Lister House 9,535
Alterations to Basement including Laboratory 2,000

99. Mr. W. Griffiths

asked the Minister of Health whether he will now state the amounts allocated for maintenance purposes for 1956–57, and in the current financial year, in the Manchester Ear Hospital, the Withington Hospital, the Wythenshawe Hospital, the Christie Hospital, the Baguley Hospital, the Duchess of York Children's Hospital, the Crumpsall Hospital, the Ancoats Hospital, the Northern Hospital, the Manchester Royal Infirmary, the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, and St. Mary's Hospital, respectively.

Mr. R. Thompson

I understand that the information required is as follows:

Hospital Revenue Allocation 1956–57 Revenue Allocation 1957–58
(1) (2) (3)
£ £
1. Manchester Ear Hospital 29,225* 31,570*
2. Withington Hospital 737,215* 793,660*
3. Wythenshawe Hospital 216,315* 230,550*
4. Christie Hospital 308,985* 312,550*
5. Baguley Hospital 223,310* 236,275*
6. Duchess of York Children's Hospital 114,255* 119,780*
7. Crumpsall Hospital 722,245* 763,172*
8. Ancoats Hospital 192,505* 205,164*
9. Northern Hospital 107,320* 112,666*
10. Manchester Royal Infirmary 1,131,297 1,183,050†
11. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital 192,455 216,837†
12. St. Mary's Hospital 408,912 430,128†
* These allocations do not include additional amounts made available by the R.H.B. in the last few months of 1956–57, or still to be made available in 1957–58, to meet special maintenance work, replacement of plant or X-ray equipment and certain other permissible increases.
† These figures may be increased by further small allocations by the Board of Governors.