HL Deb 25 June 1957 vol 204 c360WA

asked Her Majesty's Government (a) what were the wheat imports from Canada during year ending December 31, 1956; (b) what was the average price; (c) the average price of all wheat imported for like period from all other sources; (d) what was the approximate freight rate per ton; (e) what were the reported ocean freight rates per ton for similar cargoes east to west based on the same assessment as in (d).


During the calendar year 1956, 2,637,000 tons of wheat were imported from Canada at an average price of £29 8s. per ton, c.i.f. The average price of wheat imported in the same period from all other sources was £27 2s. per ton, c.i.f. The quoted rates for ocean freight for wheat to the United Kingdom from the three loading areas in Canada varied very considerably during the year, and it is not possible to make a reliable estimate of the freight rate per ton. There are no quoted rates for wheat or other grain from the United Kingdom to Canada.

House adjourned at fourteen minutes before seven o'clock.