HC Deb 30 January 1957 vol 563 c187W
Mr. J. Hynd

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies the plans of the Northern Rhodesian Government for rural development to be financed by the loan from the Rhodesian Selection Trust; what additional personnel will be employed; where they will be recruited; and what funds will be used for the payment of their salaries.

Mr. Profumo

The loan from the Rhodesian Selection Trust will form part of the funds allotted for capital expenditure on African rural development, particularly in the Northern Province.

The plans include major development area schemes, focused on country market towns; planning of these continues and a representative of a firm of consultants is now in Northern Rhodesia to advise on the economic aspects of the plan.

The objects of other schemes include the encouragement of house-ownership by a loan scheme; a community centre, near Kasama; hydro-electric schemes for the Kasama and Abercorn areas; clearance of a water-route through the Baugweulu Swamp and the provision of suitable craft to operate on the route; the Kalungwishi Barrage intended both to improve the Mweru fish production and inundate a breeding ground of red locust: major advances in the field of education including teacher training establishments at Serenje and near Monze, and a trade school near Kasama; and expansion of the Peasant Farming Scheme.

At this stage of planning the additional personnel required. cannot be clearly estimated, but they will be recruited both locally and in the United Kingdom as required. Any permanent civil servants will be paid for from the territorial revenue; staff on special contract or on projects put out to contract will be paid for from capital funds.