HC Deb 16 April 1957 vol 568 cc188-9W
Mr. Kirk

asked the President of the Board of Trade when he proposes to give directions to the Registrar of Restrictive Trading Agreements as to the first agreements to be taken before the Restrictive Practices Court.

Sir D. Eccles

A direction is being sent to the Registrar today, the text of which is as follows:


Direction with respect to the order of proceedings before the Restrictive Practices Court

1, The Board of Trade, in pursuance of section 1 of the Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1956(a), hereby direct the Registrar to take proceedings before the Court in respect of agreements of which particulars are from time to time entered or filed in the register and which are described in the Schedule hereto (hereinafter referred to as "scheduled agreements") before taking such procedings in respect of other agreements.

2. Nothing in this direction—

  1. (a) shall prevent the Registrar taking proceedings before the Court in respect of an agreement which appears to him to be related in such a way to a scheduled agreement as to make it desirable that they be considered by the Court together;
  2. (b) shall prevent the Registrar taking proceedings before the Court in respect of an agreement not described in the Schedule hereto before taking such proceedings in respect of a scheduled agreement which appears to him to have been determined (whether by effluxion of time or otherwise).

Dated this 16th day of April, 1957

(Signed) L. H. Robinson,

A Second Secretary of the Board of Trade.


Agreements under which restrictions (being restrictions by virtue of which such agreements are subject to registration under the Registration of Restrictive Trading Agreements Order, 1956(b)) are accepted by any of the parties in relation to the supply by them, in the course of their business, of goods of any of the following descriptions, namely, bread, corrugated paper, cotton yarns, flour, hard fibre cordage, high conductivity copper semi-manufactures, proprietary medicinal preparations, school milk, shell boilers, structural steelwork, and woollen or worsted pile carpets.

(a) 4 & 5 Eliz. 2. c. 68.

(b) S.I. 1956/1869.

1955 1956 1957 (January-February)
Rubber (including synthetic and reclaimed) 1,200 450 43
All other goods 64 50 0
Total 1,264 500 43
Chemicals 73 193 20
Manufactures of metals 60 63 2
Machinery (other than electric) 340 432 64
Electric machinery and appliances 25 62 10
Road vehicles and aircraft 439 298 9
All other goods 312 715 110
Total 1,249 1,763 215