HC Deb 25 October 1955 vol 545 cc11-3W
100. Mr. Marquand

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the names of the iron and steel undertakings, the voting stock of which is still in the control of the Realisation Agency.

Mr. R. A. Butler

Names of Companies in which I.S.H.R.A. have direct holdings of equity capital, as at 21st October, 1955:

  • Bairds & Scottish Steel Limited.
  • Barrow Ironworks Limited.
  • Barrow Steel Works Limited.
  • The Briton Ferry Steel Co. Limited.
  • Brymbo Steel Works Limited.
  • Burnell & Co. Limited.
  • The Byfield Ironstone Co. Limited.
  • The Bynea Steel Works Limited.
  • The Coleby Ironstone Co. Limited.
  • Consett Iron Co. Limited.
  • The Cranford Ironstone Co. Limited.
  • Darwen and Mostyn Iron Co. Limited.
  • Gjers, Mills & Co. Limited.
  • The Glynhir Tinplate Co. Limited.
  • The Gorse Galvanizing Co. Limited.
  • The Hodbarrow Mining Co. Limited.
  • J. J. Habershon & Sons Limited.
  • John Baker & Bessemer Limited.
  • John Lysaght's Scunthorpe Works Limited.
  • The Kettering Iron and Coal Co. Limited.
  • The Llanelly Steel Co. (1907) Limited.
  • The Loddington Ironstone Co. Limited.
  • The Millom & Askam Hematite Iron Co. Limited.
  • Nassington Barrowden Mining Co. Limited.
  • The Neath Steel Sheet & Galvanizing Co. Limited.
  • The New Cransley Iron & Steel Co. Limited.
  • Normanby Iron Works Co. Limited.
  • The Park Gate Iron & Steel Co. Limited.
  • Partridge Jones & John Paton Limited.
  • The Patent Shaft & Axletree Co. Limited.
  • Pinxton Coking Co. Limited (in voluntary liquidation).
  • Raine & Co. Limited.
  • The Renishaw Iron Co. Limited.
  • Richard Thomas & Baldwins Limited.
  • Skinningrove Iron Co. Limited.
  • South Durham Steel & Iron Co. Limited.
  • The Staveley Iron & Chemical Co. Limited.
  • The Steel Company of Wales Limited.
  • The Upper Forest & Worcester Steel & Tin Plate Works Limited.
  • William Beardmore & Co. Limited.
  • W. Wesson & Co. Limited.

99. Mr. Marquand

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what proportion of the securities of iron and steel undertakings, formerly vested in the Iron and Steel Corporation, now remains in the hands of the Realisation Agency.

Mr. R. A. Butler

The companies whose equity capital is still held by the Agency account for about two-fifths of the activities for which the Iron and Steel Corporation of Great Britain were formerly responsible. In addition, the Agency still hold prior charge securities of some companies whose equity has been sold.