HC Deb 07 November 1955 vol 545 cc164-5W
Mr. Tilney

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what has been the cost of the expatriate portion of pay and allowances, excluding basic pay common to Africans and expatriates, for each of the last two years in each of the territories of Federal Nigeria, the Eastern Region of Nigeria, the Northern Region of Nigeria, the Western Region of Nigeria, the Nigerian Cameroons, the Gold Coast, Sierra Leone, and the Gambia; what it is, approximately, for the current year in each of these territories; and what each territory has received during the same periods from the colonial development and welfare fund.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

The following are the best available figures:

1953–54 1954–55 1955–56
£ £ £
Nigeria (Central) 495,338
Nigeria (Central and Federal combined) 465,422
Nigeria (Federal) 403,230
Nigeria (Northern Region) (including Northern Cameroons) 216,080 304,800 380,955
Southern Cameroons 29,080
Gold Coast 250,000
Calendar Years
1953 1954 1955
£ £ £
Sierra Leone 121,568 121,042 125,215

Because of the accounting arrangements in the Gold Coast there is no ready means of distinguishing the cost of expatriation pay and allowances.

The sums issued from colonial development and welfare funds for the West African territories were as follows:

1953–54 1954–55 1955–56 1st April-15th October Total
£ £ £ £
A. Nigeria (as a whole) 2,335,038 2,335,038
Nigerian Federal Government 1,980,189 -255,340* 1,724,849
Northern Region of Nigeria 761,100 620,507 1,381,607
Eastern Region of Nigeria 282,800 282,800
Western Region of Nigeria 124,166 310,901 435,067
B. Gold Coast 658,197 665,980 -2,000* 1,322,177
C. Sierra Leone 418,939 677,184 21,544 1,117,667
D. Gambia 199,514 86,700 -38,000* 248,214
E. Regional Organisations
West African Council for Medical Research 35,000 35,000
West African Institute for Trypanosomiasis
Research 41,723 29,857 31,650 103,230
Total £ 3,653,411 4,607,976 724,262 8,985,649
* Amounts reclaimed in respect of previous over-issues.
Note.—Issues in respect of the Northern Cameroons, which is now administered as part of the Northern Region of Nigeria, and also issues in respect of the Southern Cameroons, which, until October, 1954, was administered as part of the Eastern Region of Nigeria, are included in the details shown under "A" above.