HC Deb 10 March 1955 vol 538 cc79-80W
Mr. J. Hynd

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he will give a list of the organisations in Kenya, Tanganyika and Uganda which civil servants are debarred from joining and to which grades of civil servants these restrictions apply.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

Civil servants in East Africa are debarred from joining the following political organizations:

Kenya (All grades)

  • The Electors' Union,
  • All electors' organisations,
  • The Mombasa European Association,
  • British Commonwealth Organisation,
  • Kenya Empire Party,
  • United Country Party,
  • Federal Independence Party,
  • The East African Indian National Congress,
  • All Indian associations which are affiliated to the East African Indian National Congress,
  • The Central Sikh Council,
  • The Central Muslim Association,
  • The Muslim Association of Mombasa,
  • The Central Sikh Association, Nakuru,
  • The Kenya African Union (now proscribed),
  • The Nyanza Central Association,
  • The Bukusu Union, The Bataka (Uganda),
  • The Arab Association.

Uganda (All grades)

  • The British Commonwealth Organisation, and any party or organisation concerning itself with political matters and activities in the Protectorate.

Tanganyika (All but subordinate grades, i.e., the lower grades the emoluments of which are non-pensionable and which do not exceed £150 p.a.)

  • Tanganyika European Council,
  • Asian Association,
  • African Association,
  • Sukuma Union,
  • Tanganyika African National Union.

East Africa High Commission. All grades of officers are debarred from joining any of the organisations listed above.