HC Deb 17 February 1955 vol 537 cc87-8W
Mr. Mitchison

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government in respect of which villages in the rural districts of Kettering and Brixworth sewerage

Local Authority Parish(es) Date scheme submitted Estimated cost Actual cost Present Position
£ £
Brixworth R.D.C. Sulby 17th December, 1953 1,675 The scheme was approved in principle on 15th January, 1954, and authority to proceed was given on 1st April, 1954. The date of completion is not known.
Brixworth R.D.C. Pitsford 17th December, 1953 26,150 The scheme was approved in principle on 11th January, 1955, subject to consideration by the Council of technical amendments. The result of this consideration is awaited.
Brixworth R.D.C. Lamport and Hanging Houghton 17th December, 1953 8,600 The schemes are not yet approved. Further information from the Councils is awaited and when it is received the schemes will be investigated locally.
Brixworth R.D.C. Ravensthorpe 17th December, 1953 12,300
Brixworth R.D.C. Spratton 17th December, 1953 29,300
Kettering R.D.C. Cottingham, Middleton and East Carlton 2nd December, 1954 49,000

Mr. Mitchison

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government for which of the sewerage schemes in the Brixworth rural district submitted on 19th April, 1951, and approved in principle on 28th March and 8th May, 1952, and in the Kettering rural district submitted on 11th August, 1950, and 16th July, 1952, and approved in principle, respectively, on 12th November, 1952, and 13th May,

Local Authority Scheme Date of authority to proceed Contract Period or Starting Date
Brixworth R.D.C. Parishes of Maidwell and Draughton. 30th March, 1954 12 months
Brixworth R.D.C. Parish of Moulton 16th July, 1954 18 months
Kettering R.D.C. Parish of Grafton Underwood 23rd February, 1954 9 months
Kettering R.D.C. Parish of Loddington 28th January, 1955 (date of authority to obtain tenders) April, 1955 (Probable starting date)

schemes have been submitted since 15th July, 1953;in which approval and leave to proceed have been given or withheld; which of such schemes have been completed; what is the estimated or actual cost of each such scheme; and if he will state the dates of submission, approval, leave to proceed, and completion.

Mr. Sandys

The information is below:

1953, authority to proceed has now been given; on what dates; and what progress has been made in each case.

Mr. Sandys

Authority to proceed or to obtain tenders has been given for the following schemes. Information as to progress is not available, but for schemes started the original contract periods are shown.