HC Deb 28 April 1955 vol 540 cc71-3W
18. Mr. Hale

asked the Minister of Education the number of school places provided by school buildings which received final Ministry approval in the years 1951, 1952 and 1953, respectively; and what is the number it is expected will be provided by those approved in 1954.

Sir D. Eccles:

The following is the information:

(1) School places in projects approved during year ending 1st February (2) Number of places in Col. 1 which were in use by 1st February, 1955
1952 163,650 154,550
1953 173,135 158,350
1954 223,294 99,729
1955 243,995 29,445

19. Mr. Hale

asked the Minister of Education the number of new primary and secondary schools approved for building in the county borough of Oldham and the urban district of Chadderton, respectively, for the year 1955.

Sir D. Eccles:

The Oldham Education Authority expect to start building one primary and two secondary schools this year. No schools are due to be started in Chadderton this year.

28. Mr. Sparks

asked the Minister of Education the capital cost of new school construction and extensions, together with the additional school places provided in schemes approved between 1st October, 1950, to 30th September, 1951, and each subsequent yearly period to the nearest convenient date, together with the number of classes of 40 or more pupils in each such period.

Sir D. Eccles:

The following is the reply:

(1) Value of building projects approved in year ending 1st October (2) Places to be provided by projects in (1) (3) Number of classes with 41 or more pupils in January of each year
£ (thousands)
1951 47,095 214,160 35,103
1952 32,698 159,010 39,026
1953 41,465 211,180 43,202
1954 51,286 230,860 43,751

Mr. Hurd

asked the Minister of Education how many new schools in Berkshire are projected for the next four years with the location and number of school places to be provided; how far this programme will ensure that every child will be able to attend either a grammar school or a secondary modern school; and what provision has been made for improving accommodation and facilities in the existing schools in the county.

Sir D. Eccles:

I am writing to my hon. Friend in answer to the first part of his Question. From what I know of the Berkshire Authority's plans, I have no doubt that the authority will have made a start within four years on the new schools needed to provide secondary education in grammar schools or secondary modern schools for all senior children in the county. The authority proposes to spend during 1955 at least £100,000 on minor works of improvement and extension to its schools, compared with £56,000 in 1954.

Mr, Blackburn

asked the Minister of Education whether the Oakfield County Primary School, Hyde, is included in the building programme of the Cheshire Education Authority for 1956–57.

Sir D. Eccles:

I have not yet settled the school building programme for 1956–57.

Mr. Higgs

asked the Minister of Education the number of new school places provided in the area of the Worcestershire County Education Authority year by year since 1949.

Sir D. Eccles:

The following is the information:

1949 2,235
1950 1,720
1951 1,650
1952 1,050
1953 730
1954 550