HC Deb 07 April 1955 vol 539 c121W
Mr. P. Williams

asked the Minister of Food the maximum weekly ration of meat, bacon, butter, fats, sugar, tea, sweets and eggs between August, 1945, and October, 1951; and the average weekly consumption of these foods in 1954.

Mr. Amory

Following is the information:

Maximum ordinary ration between Aug., 1945, and Oct., 1951—(Per head per week) Estimated average consumption in 1954 (a)—Per head per week)
Meat oz. about 15 (b) 17.6(f)
Bacon oz. 5 5.3 (f)
Butter oz. 4 4.1 (g)
Margarine oz. 4 4.8 (g)
Cooking fats oz. 2 2.2 (g)
Sugar oz. 12 (c) 17.0
Tea oz. 2.5 2.8
Sweets oz. 6.5 (d) 8.5
Eggs (e) (e)
(a) Provisional estimates of household consumption from the National Food Survey for all foods except eggs (see note (e)) and sweets, for which the estimate has been based on supplies to retailers expressed in ounces per head per week.
(b) The maximum value of the ration, 2s. 2d., was reached in one week only in September, 1951. Average purchases at this time are estimated at about 15 oz. per head per week.
(c) An additional issue of 4 oz. per week was made available for jam-making preserving for varying periods in each year.
(d) Temporarily derationed 24th April–13th August, 1949.
(e) Eggs were not rationed, but distribution was controlled by means of an allocation scheme. The highest level of consumption during the period 1945–1951 was reached in in 1950, when total supplies represented 28.2 lb. per head per annum. This compares with a provisional estimate of 26.8 lb. for 1954.
(f) Not derationed until 3rd July, 1954.
(g) Not derationed until 8th May, 1954.

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