HC Deb 25 October 1954 vol 531 cc217-8W
59. Mr. Benn

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what speeches are available as transcriptions from the British Information Services in the United States of America; who are the speakers; and why they were chosen.

Mr. Turton

The British Information Services make available to the United States Press, and to individuals who have expressed a desire to receive them, the texts of important Parliamentary speeches and of important speeches made in the United States which are likely to be of interest to Americans.

The following is a list of speakers concerned within the last 12 months.

Speeches in the Houses of Parliament

  • Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Churchill, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. Sir Anthony Eden, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. Clement Attlee, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. Selwyn Lloyd, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. Antony Head, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. Lord Kilmuir
  • Lord Strang

Other Speeches

  • Rt. Hon. R. A. Butler, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. Lord Chandos.
  • Rt. Hon. Heathcoat Amory, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. The Earl Alexander.
  • Rt. Hon. Sir H. Shawcross, M.P.
  • Sir Roger Makins
  • Rt. Hon. Malcolm MacDonald

Transcripts from HANSARD in the "Replies to Questions" Series

  • Mr. W. Warbey, M.P.
  • Mr. Frank Beswick, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. Aneurin Bevan, M.P.
  • Mr. R. Paget, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. A. Henderson, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. Herbert Morrison, M.P.
  • Mr. J. Hynd, M.P.
  • Mr. J. Amery, M.P.
  • Mr. R. Crossman, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. E. Shinwell, M.P.
  • Mr. Cyril Osborne, M.P.
  • Mr. Hamilton Kerr, M.P
  • 218
  • Mr. Arthur Moyle, M.P.
  • Mr. Maurice Edelman, M.P.
  • Mr. D. Dodds-Parker, M.P.
  • Rt. Hon. Anthony Nutting, M.P.

Speeches of which tape recordings have been made and distributed

  • Mr. Peter Balmer
  • Mr. Roger Bannister
  • Lord Bilsland
  • Mrs. S. M. Choy
  • General Sir K. Crawford
  • Lady Margaret D'Arcy
  • Mr. William Deedes, M.P.
  • Sir Pierson Dixon
  • Sir John Duncanson
  • Rt. Hon. Lord Kilmuir
  • Mr. Charles Gardner
  • Sir Alexander Grantham
  • Mr. John Hall, M.P.
  • Mr. Denis Healey, M.P.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary
  • Mr. Alan Horn
  • Miss P. Hornsby'-Smith, M.P.
  • Sir Gladwyn Jebb.
  • Mr. Roy Jenkins, M.P.
  • Sir H. Spencer Hones
  • Professor B. Lewis
  • The Hon. Ewen Montagu
  • Major C. B. Ormerod
  • Sir Harry Pilkington
  • Mr. C. Raphael
  • Mr. Patrick Reid
  • Mr. Francis B. Rundall
  • Sir Robert Scott
  • Rt. Hon. Sir H. Shawcross, M.P.
  • General Sir F. Simpson
  • Mr. Michael Stewart, M.P.
  • Miss Baraba Ward
  • Mrs. C. Woodham-Smith
  • Professor Barbara Wooton
  • Rt. Hon. Kenneth Younger, M.P.