HC Deb 08 February 1954 vol 523 cc92-3W
43. Sir R. Acland

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he will publish a statement showing details of all the items of £500,000 and over which go to make up the £120 million total of loans and grants made by the United Kingdom to outside countries in 1953.

Mr. Maudling

The following are the principal items making up the total of approximately £120 million of loans and grants authorised by the United Kingdom Government (but not necessarily drawn)

in 1953 for development in the Sterling Commonwealth:

(i) Colonial Loans £
Jamaica 3,590,000
Tanganyika 4,410,000
St. Lucia 230,000
Sierra Leone 1,680,000
Kenya 6,510,000
East African Railways and Harbours 5,709,000
Aden 1,330,000
TOTAL 23,459,000 (a)
(ii) Other Governmental Loans
S. Rhodesia 10,000,000
New Zealand (Murupara pulp and paper project) 10,000,000
(iii) Capital issues consent to other (private) applications 40,000,000(b)

(i) From the United Kingdom contribution to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
To India: for the Indian Iron and Steel Company 5,000,000
(ii) Credit to Pakistan
Through the Export Credits Guarantee Department 10,000,000
(iii) Grants and Loans approved under the "Colonial Development and Welfare Acts. 1940–50"
Singapore: Airport 1,166,000
Gold Coast: Roads 871,000
St. Lucia: Castries reconstruction 609,000
Nigeria: Education 604,000
Other items (under £500,000 each) 15,312,000
TOTAL 18,562,000
(iv) Colonial Development Corporation: Sanctions
Lofatsi Abattoir and Molopo Holding Ranch, Bechuanaland 802,000
Borneo Abaca Ltd. N. Borneo 560,000
Kilembe Mines Ltd. Uganda (copper) 1,750,000
Federal and Colonial Building Society, Malaya 1,166,667
Other items (under £500,000 each) 1,282,000
TOTAL 5,560,667
TOTAL ALL ITEMS £122,581,667 (c)
(a) Including £2,255,000 reserved for local subscription.
(b) Applications to the Capital Issues Committee from private Companies are confidential, and it is not in the public interest to give details of the individual items.
(c) The figures given, contributing to this total do not include investment in Commonwealth development not coming under the Control of Borrowing Order.