HC Deb 08 February 1954 vol 523 c89W
Mr. Lucas

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation when he expects work to be restarted on the Cromwell Road extension; and when he anticipates this project will be completed.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

As announced in my statement in the House on 8th December, I propose to authorise this scheme during the financial year 1954–55. There is considerable preliminary work, particularly on property acquisition, but I hope that construction will start this October and it should be completed within about four years.

Involving personal injury Not involving injury
1st September, 1950–31st January, 1951 1 (Ellesmere) 1 (Cedars)
1st September, 1951–31st January, 1952 1 (Ellesmere) 1 (Ellesmere)
1 (Cedars) 2 (Cedars)
1st September, 1952–31st January, 1953 1 (Cedars) 1 (Ellesmere)
1st September, 1953–31st January, 1954 Nil 1 (Ellesmere)
The Cromwell Road Extension scheme makes provision for a roundabout at this junction.

Mr. Erroll

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation from what sources of information road casualty figures are compiled; what steps are taken to check the accuracy of the information received; and how duplication of information is avoided which might otherwise lead to an inflation of the published totals.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

Road casualty figures are compiled from forms completed by the police in respect of each individual accident. The police and my Department do all they can to avoid inaccuracy and duplication, and I do not think that the published totals are inflated.

Mr. Ernest Davies

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation the number of fatalities resulting from road accidents on the Great Cambridge Road within the borough of Edmonton and the urban district of Enfield, respectively; and the number of seriously and slightly injured for each of the years from 1948 to 1953.

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