HC Deb 18 June 1953 vol 516 cc89-90W
Mr. Patrick Maitland

asked the Minister of Labour the numbers of persons registered as unemployed in the county of Lanark each month since January, 1952, to the last convenient date; and the volume of surplus labour within easy reach of East Kilbride each month since January, 1952.

Mr. Watkinson

In view of the work involved in compiling the statistics asked for, I hope my hon. Friend will accept the figures for alternate months. Following are the numbers registered as unem-

Situation of Houses Date of Tender Construction Cost per House Type of House
Orkney County:
Stromness November, 1951 Brick (Hall Cottage) 1,991 4-apartment cottages
March, 1953 Brick (Dunedin space-saving) 1,862 3-apartment cottages
Kirkwall February, 1952 Stone 1,980–1,982 3-apartment cottages, flat and terraced houses.
Zetland County:
Landward area (various sites) February, 1952 Concrete blocks 2,367–2,709 4-apartment cottages

(i) The table relates to prices approved in 1952 and 1953.
(ii) The prices are initial tender prices and do not allow for the cost of abnormal under-building or any special site conditions.
(iii) No prices were approved during the period for timber houses.
(iv) In view of the small number of tenders, the difference in design and other circumstances, no comparison of the prices can usefully be made.

ployed in the County of Lanark, including Glasgow, and separately for East Kilbride in every other month since January, 1952. Many districts of Lanarkshire are within easy reach of East Kilbride but the number of persons not resident in that new town, who might be able to accept employment there, would depend on the types of vacancies available and the qualifications and circumstances of the individual workers.

Month Numbers Unemployed
County of Lanark East Kilbride
14th January, 1952 29,476 34
17th March, 1952 28,457 31
12th May, 1952 27,889 30
14th July, 1952 28,254 22
15th September, 1952 29,188 22
10th November, 1952 30,044 31
12th January, 1953 32,264 33
16th March, 1953 29,376 39
11th May, 1953 26,016 28

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