HC Deb 21 July 1953 vol 46 cc224-6W
Sir Michael Shaw

asked the Prime Minister if she will make a statement on report No. 19 of the Top Salaries Review Body about the pay of certain top salary groups.

The Prime Minister

Report No. 19 of the Top Salaries Review Body on the salaries of the higher Civil Service, senior officers in the armed forces and the judiciary —Cmnd. 8879 — was laid before the House before the election. In my reply of 12 May 1983 I said that the report would be for consideration after the election.

The report recommends with effect from 1 April 1983 increases in the pay of members of these groups which are estimated to add about 6.9 per cent. to the pay bill over and above the costs of implementing in full the review body's recommendations of 1 April 1982; in addition, the review body urges that the abatement of its recommended pay for these groups which was made in 1982 and amounts to slightly less than 5 per cent. should now be restored.

The Government propose to implement the recommended increase for this year with effect from 1 August 1983 rather than from 1 April 1983. As in the case of this year's report of the Doctors and Dentists Review Body, the Government propose to make good the abatement with effect from 1 January 1984. The estimated increase in the pay bill for these groups for the financial year 1983–84 is 5.85 per cent., at a cost of £2.9 million. These costs will be contained within the provision for total public expenditure in the public expenditure White Paper—Cmnd. 8789.

The schedule of the existing salaries and the new salaries to come into effect from 1 August 1983 and 1 January 1984 is as follows.

The Government are most grateful to Lord Plowden and the members of the Top Salaries Review Body for their report and for the time and care that they have put into its preparation.

Salaries currently in payment Salaries wef 1 August 1983 Salary wef 1 January'1984 Numbers in post tit 1 January 1983
Admiral of the Fleet 42,000 45,000 48,000 1
Field Marshall
Marshall of the Royal Air Force
Admiral 37,750 40,500 42,750 20
Air Chief Marshall
Vice-Admiral 30,250 32,500 34,250 38
Lieutenant General
Air Marshall
Rear Admiral 25,000 26,750 27,750 158
Major General
Air Vice-Marshal
Lord Chief Justice 52,500 56,500 60,000 1
Master of the Rolls 48,250 51,750 55,000 11
Lord of Appeal
Lord President of the Court of Session (Scotland)
Lord Chief Justice (Northern Ireland) 47,000 50,500 53,500 2
President of the Family Division
Vice Chancellor 45,500 49,500 52,000 23
Lord Justice of Appeal
Lord Justice Clerk (Scotland)
Lord Justice of Appeal (Northern Ireland)
High Court Judge 42,500 45,500 48,000 97
Judge of the Court of Session (Scotland)
Puisne Judge (Northern Ireland)
President, Lands Tribunal (England and Wales) 30,000 32,250 33,750 4
President, Transport Tribunal
Chief Social Security Commissioner (England and Wales and Scotland)
President, Industrial Tribunals (England and Wales)
President, Industrial Tribunals (Scotland) 29,000 31,250 32,750 21
Sheriff Principal (Scotland)
Chairman, Scottish Land Court
President, Lands Tribunal (Scotland)
Official Referee (London)
Vice-Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster
Recorder of Liverpool
Recorder of Manchester
Senior Circuit Judge (Newington Causeway)
Recorder of Belfast (Northern Ireland)
President of the Lands Tribunal (Northern Ireland)
Chief Social Security Commissioner (Northern Ireland)
Circuit Judge 27,750 29,750 31,000 440
Chief Metropolitan Magistrate
Member, Lands Tribunal (England and Wales and Scotland)
Social Security Commissioner (England and Wales and Scotland)
Judge Advocate General
Sheriffs A and B (Scotland)
County Court Judge (Northern Ireland)
Master of the Court of Protection
Senior and Chief Masters and Registrars of the
Supreme Court
Registrar of Criminal Appeals
President, Industrial Tribunal (Northern Ireland)
Member, Lands Tribunal (Northern Ireland)
Social Security Commissioner (Northern Ireland)
Regional Chairmen, Industrial Tribunals (England and Wales and Scotland) 25,750 27,750 29,000 19
Chairman, Foreign Compensation Commission
Vice-Judge Advocate General
Masters and Registrars of the Supreme Court 30,000 32,250 33,750 4
Metropolitan Magistrate
Chairmen, Industrial Tribunals (England and Wales and Scotland)
Provincial Stipendiary Magistrate
Resident Magistrate (Northern Ireland)
Chairmen, Industrial Tribunal (Northern Ireland)
Master, Supreme Court (Northern Ireland)
County Court Registrars and District Registrars of the High Court

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