HC Deb 21 July 1953 vol 46 cc188-9W
Ms. Richardson

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department what information is held on the disqualified drivers index of the police national computer; what data fields can be used to access the information; and whether space exists in the record for a comment on the driver.

Mr. Hurd

Each record on the disqualified drivers index may contain the following information:

  • Name(s)
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Colour (of skin)
  • Brief note of any distinctive features
  • Address
  • Driver number (as allocated by DVLC)
  • Criminal record office number (if any)
  • Computer system identity number Warning signals (for example, that the subject may be violent)

Court making disqualification order Particulars of one or two orders may be held
Date of disqualification order
Date of expiry of disqualification order
Police force that brought prosecution
Police reference to case papers

  • Date and time record created or last amended
  • Whether details held have been confirmed by information provided by the court via DVLC
  • Whether there is a discrepancy between data input by police and that notified by DVLC.

A record may be accessed by the subject's name(s), supported optionally by date of birth, sex and colour; by the driver number; or by the computer system identity number.

No space is provided for additional comment on a person recorded in the index.

Ms. Richardson

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department what is the total number of accesses to the police national computer and the number of accesses to the disqualified drivers index, the fingerprint index and the cross-reference index during the last convenient period of time.

Mr. Hurd

The figures for access by way of computer terminals for the period between 12 June and 9 July 1983 were as follows:

Police national computer 2,371,308
Disqualified drivers index 429,798
Fingerprint index 21,148
Cross-reference index 22,722


(1) The figures given are for the number of inquiries plus the number of occasions on which information was updated.

(2) A single inquiry of the PNC may, at the inquirer's discretion, generate inquiries on more than one index. The statistic given for accesses to the PNC is, therefore, less than the sum total of accesses to individual indices.

(3) Some PNC indices are updated by batch process; this is not included in the figures given.

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