HC Deb 06 May 1952 vol 500 cc23-4W
Mr. Pitman

asked the Assistant Postmaster-General for the names of those associations of postal servants which were invited to submit within one month any observations they might wish to make on the Terrington Report, and which have failed so far to send in their observations.

Mr. Gammans

A copy of the Terrington Report was sent to the individual associations named below on 19th February and they were informed that if they wished to offer comments the Post Office would be glad to receive them within a month:—

  1. 1. Association of Postal Controllers and Assistant Postal Controllers, G.P.O.
  2. 2. Government Overseas Cable and Wireless Operators' Association.
  3. 3.—(a) Institution of Professional Civil Servants and the following Branches of the Institution:—
    1. (b) Post Office Branch.
    2. (c) Staff and Regional Engineers Branch.
  4. 4. National Guild of Telephonists.
  5. 5. Postal Inspectors' Association.
  6. 6. Post Office Clerks' Association (N. Ireland).
  7. 7. Society of Telecommunications Administrative and Controlling Officers.
  8. 8. Society of Telecommunication Controllers.
  9. 9. Telecommunications Traffic Association.
  10. 10. Telephone Managers' Committee.
  11. 11. Engineering Officers (Telecommunications) Association.
  12. 12. National Guild of Motor Engineers.
  13. 13. National Association of Postal and Telegraph Officers.
  14. 14. National Association of Telephone Supervising Officers.

Of these the Associations numbered 1, 3 (a), 3 (c), 8 and 10 have not replied.

In addition to the associations mentioned above, the Staff Sides of the two Post Office Departmental Whitley Councils, representing the following Associations, were invited to forward comments. and these have been received.

Post Office Departmental Whitley Council

  • Association of Head Postmasters.
  • Association of Post Office Controlling Officers.
  • Civil Service Clerical Association.
  • National Federation of Sub-Postmasters.
  • Postmasters Association.
  • Society of Civil Servants.
  • Telephone Contract Officers' Association.
  • Union of Post Office Workers.

Departmental Whitley Council for the Engineering Factories and Supplies Departments Staff of the Post Office

  • Post Office Engineering Union.
  • Society of Post Office Engineers.
  • Society of Technical Civil Servants.
  • Society of Telecommunications Engineers.