HC Deb 28 February 1952 vol 496 cc175-7W
43. Mr. G. Thomas

asked the Minister of Education for an undertaking that local education authorities will be permitted to build new schools, where it is necessary, to prevent overcrowded classes.

Miss Horsbrugh

Local circumstances vary so much that I cannot add anything in general terms to what is said in Circular 245, of which I am sending the hon. Member a copy.

83. Dr. King

asked the Minister of Education how many new schools are at present being built and how many are planned to start in 1952, under the Southampton and Hampshire County Education Authorities.

Miss Horsbrugh

At the end of December there were two new schools under construction in Southampton and eight in Hampshire. The 1952–53 building programme includes four in Southampton and seven in Hampshire.

92. Mr. Maude

asked the Minister of Education whether she is satisfied that her revised school building programme will provide the additional school places needed by the end of 1953.

Miss Horsbrugh

Yes. The school building programme for 1952–53 is calculated to provide the remainder of the 1,150,000 additional places which my predecessor estimated to be required by the end of 1953.

Mr. Peart

asked the Minister of Education how many school building projects for 1951–52 have been started; and what are the names of the local authorities concerned.

Miss Horsbrugh

During 1951 work was started on 203 school building projects included in the 1951–52 educational building programme. The names of the local education authorities concerned are:

Bedfordshire. Middlesex.
Berkshire. Northamptonshire.
Buckinghamshire. Nottinghamshire.
Cornwall. Somerset.
Derbyshire. Staffordshire.
Dorset. Suffolk, East.
Durham. Surrey.
Essex. Sussex, East.
Gloucestershire. Sussex, West.
Hampshire. Warwickshire.
Herefordshire. Wiltshire.
Hertfordshire. Worcestershire.
Kent. Yorkshire, North
Lancashire. Riding.
Leicestershire. Yorkshire, West
Lincolnshire-Lindsev. Riding.
England—County Boroughs
Barnsley. Leicester.
Barrow-in-Furness Liverpool.
Bath. Manchester.
Birmingham. Norwich.
Bolton. Nottingham.
Bristol. Oldham.
Burnley. Oxford.
Bury. Plymouth.
Carlisle. Preston.
Coventry. Rotherham.
Croydon. Salford.
Derby. Sheffield.
Dewsbury. Southampton.
Doncaster. Southend-on-Sea.
Dudley. Stoke-on-Trent.
Eastbourne. Tynemouth.
Exeter. West Bromwich.
Halifax. Wolverhampton.
Ipswich. Worcester.
Leeds. York.
Caernarvonshire. Monmouthshire.
Glamorgan. Montgomeryshire.
Wales—County Boroughs
Newport (Monmouthshire).

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