HC Deb 30 July 1951 vol 491 cc126-9W
Mr. I. O. Thomas

asked the Minister of Transport the names of members of the Central Transport Consultative Committee; the names of members of transport users' consultative committees for Scotland and Wales, and for the respective areas in England; and indicate the name of the Secretary and official address of the committee in each case.

Mr. Barnes

The following is the information:

Central Transport Consultative Committee:

Major Eghert Cadbury, D.S.C., D.F.C., M.Inst.T., J.P.—Chairman, Mr. A. G. Wright, Mr. David Lowe, Mr. A. H. S. Hinchliffe, D.L., J.P., Mr. C. E. Prater, Mr. A. G. Marsden, C.B.E., Mr. William Blackwell, Mr. R. H. E. Thomas, O.B.E., The Hon. W. L. Runciman, O.B.E., A.F.C., Mr. W. B. Beard, Sir Luke Fawcett. O.B.E., Sir Robert Pattinson, D.L., J.P., Sir John Carew Pole, Bt., D.S.O., Councillor J. P. Collins, Alderman Thomas W. Bridgland, J.P., Councillor James Welsh, LL.D., Mr. Neil S. Beaton, J.P., Lieut.-Colonel H. Edmund Davies, K.C., Mr. M. A. Cameron and Lord Rusholme.

Secretary: Mr. G. Cole Deacon, C.B.E., 22, Palace Chambers, Westminster, S.W.1.

Transport Users Consultative Committees for Scotland:

Mr. Neil S. Beaton, J.P.—Chairman, The Right Hon. the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, Kt., C.M.G., LL.D., T.D., Mr. James Amos, O.B.E., Mr. W. Mackenzie, Mr. C. M. Anderson, Mr. T. D. Storrar, Mr. R. H. Murdoch, Mr. P. C. Somerville, Mr. J. Brannigan, Mr. M. Bush, Councillor W. P. Earsman, Councillor G. Mulholland, Councillor D. M. Bonner, J.P., Captain Sir Ian Bolton, Bt., O.B.E., Mr. J. B. Hastie, O.B.E., Mr. T. F. Cameron, Mrs. R. G. Thomson and Mrs. I. M. McNair, O.B.E.

Secretary: Mr. J. Reid, 23, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

Transport Users Consultative Committees for:


Lieut.-Colonel H. Edmund Davies, K.C.—Chairman, Mr. J. Hodgkinson, Captain H. Leighton Davies, C.B.E., J.P., Councillor W. L. Davies, Mr. W. Clayton Russon, M.B.E., Mr. H. Lyn Jones, M.C., Mr. R. G. M. Street, Mr. W. Hazell, Mrs. E. Darbishire, J.P., Mr. J. Highfield, Alderman T. Lloyd Williams, J.P., Councillor J. Howell, Councillor M. Selby, J.P., Professor A. Beacham, Ph.D., Lady Olwen Carey Evans, Mr. H. H. Swift and Mr. A. E. H. Brown.

Secretary: Mr. W. R. Davies, c/o South Wales Area Officer. The Railway Executive, Queen Street, Cardiff.


Alderman J. Fitzgerald, J.P.—Chairman, Mr. W. F. Podmore, Mr. H. C. Crane, M.Inst.T., Mr. E. E. Young, Mr. L. G. Burleigh, M.Inst.T., Mr. F. Whittock, Mr. A. I. Anderson, Mr. J. Crowley, Councillor H. J. E. Palethorpe, Councillor G. Allison-Beer, Alderman E. A. Wood, J.P., Alderman F. L. Corrick, J.P., Councillor A. C. Marshall, Alderman W. G. Fiske, Mrs. T. Cazelet Keir, Mr. D. Robinson, Mr. K. W. C. Grand and Mr. D. McKenna.

Secretary: Mr. G. Cole Deacon, C.B.E., 22, Palace Chambers, Westminster, S.W.1.

East Anglia

Captain W. H. Coombs, C.B.E.—Chairman, Mr. A. L. Fawkes, Mr. W. Inskip, Mr. L. Childs, O.B.E., J.P., Mr. W. G. O'Connor, Mrs. B. E. Double, J.P., Mr. L. A. Carey, M.Inst.T., Mr. A. C. Maton, Mr. C. G. Stalley, Mr. E. J. Harding, Mr. W. J. Bird, Alderman S. C. Lawrence, J.P., Councillor T. Skelton. J.P., Alderman H. A. Maxfield, J.P., Alderman E. N. Selby, J.P., Mrs. M. H. Neal. Mr. J. D. Lusty, Mr. A. J. Johnson, and Mr C. H. S. Pickett.

Secretary: Mr. F. E. Tyler, District Commercial Superintendent's Office, Eastern Region, Railway Executive, Cambridge.

North West

Mr. N. R. Bargh, Mr. C. A. Park, Mr. H. W. Smail, Mr. F. Abbotts, Mr. W. H. Greenall, Mr. W. D. Broadbent, Minst.T., Mr. T. J. Sales, Mr. L. Highton, J.P., Miss L. Hodson, Mr. J. Newton, Alderman R. H. Jackson, J.P., Councillor J. D. Doyle, J.P., Councillor K. L. Alban, Alderman T. Maxfield, J.P., Councillor J. R. Lindsay, LL.B., Alderman E. Porter, J.P., Mrs. E. Gowling, Mr. H. P. Aggleton, and Mr. W. E. Macve.

Secretary: Mr. G. H. Fieldsend, District Goods Superintendent's Office, London Midland Region, Railway Executive, Manchester.

I am in course of appointing a new Chairman to replace Alderman Hodkinson deceased.

South West

Colonel Mark Whitwill, C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C., T.D.—Chairman, Mr. R. L. Johnston, Mr. J. Laity, Mr. E. A. Panes, Mr. B. R. Jones, Mrs. M. L. Lidington, Colonel J. Pye, J.P., M.Inst.T., F.I.A.C., Mr. P. Nobes, Mr. P. M. Cole, Mr. G. A. S. Shedden, Mr. A. S. Dopson, Mr. W. H. Peacey, Councillor Colonel R. M. S. Baynes, Councillor F. G. Wilkins, Alderman B. C. Meehan, J.P., Alderman L. J. Hodge, Mrs. I. Seed, Mrs. H. M. Pitts, Mr. H. Bolton, and Major F. J. Chapple.

Secretary: Mr. R. H. Sims. District Commercial Superintendent's Office, Western Region, Railway Executive, Bristol.

North East

Sir Mark Hodgson, O.B.E., D.C.L., J.P.—Chairman. Colonel M. D. Methven, Mr. G. F. Ross, Mr. K. H. L. Cooper. Alderman J. Gray, J.P., Mr. J. J. Brown. M.Inst.T., Mr. W. H. Kettle, Mr. J. E. Peacock, M.Inst.T., Mr. S. J. Adamson, Mr. J. N. Burrell, Mr. F. Burr, Mr. R. Stanley, Councillor D. Dawson, O.B.E., Councillor W. Hirst, J.P., Alderman T. W. Pinkney, J.P., Councillor C. J. Tremewan, Mr. A. Patton, Alderman E. E. Brennan, J.P., Mr. H. A. Short, and Mr. A. T. Evans.

Secretary: Mr. F. L. Hick, Neville Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


Mr. Maurice H. Pugh—Chairman, Mr. G. E. Cumming, Mr. Lewis Mizen, Mr. C. T. Miller, Lieut.-Col. C. W. Brannon, M.C., T.D., D.L., J.P., Mr. R. J. Davie, Mr. R. S. S. Thomas, Mr. Kaye Don, Mr. A. Dudley, Mr. J. E. Brown, Mr. G. H. Parks, Alderman Col. Granville Walton, O.B.E., D.L., J.P., Councillor Col. the Rt. Hon. The Lord Basing, T.D., Councillor A. Sykes, Alderman B. Palmer, O.B.E., R.D., F.C.A., Alderman E. M. Ford, Mrs. D. Yonne, Mr. W. H. F. Mepsted and Mr. F. C. G. Mills.

Secretary: Mr. C. W. G. Elliff, Commercial Superintendent's Office, Southern Region, Railway Executive, London Bridge Station, London, S.W.1.

West Midland

Brigadier F. Lane, C.B.E.—Chairman, Mr. J. H. Scudamore, Mr. F. Jones, Mr. C. E. Jordon, M.Inst.T., Mr. A. Pittam, Mr. G. O. Pritchard, M.Inst.T., Mr. F. D. Scott Walker, Mr. H. Palmer, Mr. A. G. C. TroHope, Mr. G. G. Beazley, Mr. A. Pratt, Mr. L. V. Pike, Councillor W. Nevill, O.B.E., Alderman Major J. R. H. Harley, Councillor G. H. Aldridge, Alderman F. Bullock, J.P., Councillor A. M. Silcox, Mrs. E. Bayliss, J.P., Mrs. A. Greenland, Sir H. Reginald Kerr and Mr. R. P. Davis.

Secretary: Mr. N. Platt, District Goods Superintendent's Office. Railway Executive, Birmingham.

East Midland

Professor R. Peers, O.B.E., M.C., J.P.Chairman, Col. R. Vaughan-Williams, Mr.

H. J. Wild, Councillor R. Arbon, Mr. J. H. Criddle, A.M.Inst.T., A.M.I.T.A., Mr. S. C. Bond, M.Inst.T., Mr. W. E. Fowler, Mr. J. Menheneott, Mr. W. F. Knowles, Mr. G. E. Dearing, M.B.E., Mr. B. Sharpe, Alderman C. F. White, C.B.E., J.P., Alderman W. W. Williamson, M.B.E., Councillor F. W. Holdich, Councillor J. King, Mr. A. Hemstock, Sir H. Reginald Kerr and Mr. W. B. Carter.

Secretary: Mr. J. W. Ruse, 5, Victoria Street. Derby.


Professor A. N. Shimmin—Chairman.

Secretary: Mr. J. Horsfield, Commercial Superintendent's Office, North Eastern Region. Railway Executive, York.

I have sent invitations to the persons I have chosen to he members of this Committee and am awaiting their replies.